New Release: SoMo "Ride" Directed by Colin Tilley

Posted by Doug Klinger on January 16, 2014 in New Releases

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London Alley Entertainment

Every time I watch a Colin Tilley video, all I can think about is how bad I wanna be there. Like in the video for “Ride” by SoMo, where we open on SoMo walking around an awesome house on a beautiful day – a place I definitely now want to go to because of this video. Immediately after that we see an impossibly attractive lady hanging out at the house, too – a lady who I’ve never seen before but who I now want to spend time with because of this video. SoMo and the lady soon end up in a giant shower. I didn’t know showers could get this big, and I’m not sure why they do, but now I want a shower that big. My desire to hang out with SoMo and his lady friend in the shower aside, the video is the perfect fit for the song. “Ride” is a pretty intimate love song and the video is a great reflection of that. SoMo and his girl actually get pretty close in this video, and Colin does a good job making their attraction to each other feel authentic. 

“Ride” was produced by Brandon Bonfiglio for London Alley Entertainment and can be downloaded as a single now.

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