Mego Lin

Mego Lin

Director of Photography at Partos Company    Los Angeles, CA 

Cinematographer of Macklemore music video "Same Love" and "Can't Hold Us". Obsess with doggy. Rep by Partos Company


as Director of Photography (29)

Craig Wayne Boyd 'My Baby's Got A Smile On Her Face' music video My Baby's Got A Smile On Her Face (2014)
Craig Wayne Boyd
Production Company: Partizan
Director: Tabitha Denholm
iLoveMakonnen 'Tuesday' music video Tuesday (2014)
Director: Goodwin
Ryn Weaver 'OctaHate' music video OctaHate (2014)
Ryn Weaver
Director: Goodwin
Roméo Testa 'I'm So Down' music video I'm So Down (2014)
Roméo Testa
Director: Jon Jon Augustavo
Brandyn Burnette 'Thanks For Nothing' music video Thanks For Nothing (2014)
Brandyn Burnette
Director: Sarah McColgan
Production Company: Artists and Derelicts
Avi Buffalo 'So What' music video So What (2014)
Avi Buffalo
Director: Jon Jon Augustavo
Catey Shaw 'Brooklyn Girls' music video Brooklyn Girls (2014)
Catey Shaw
Director: Jon Jon Augustavo
Justin Rutledge 'Locked In The Trunk of A Car' music video Locked In The Trunk of A Car (2014)
Justin Rutledge
Director: Adrian Vieni
Production Companies: Treeboy Pictures, Wood & Wires Productions Inc.
Kopecky Family Band 'Are You Listening' music video Are You Listening (2014)
Kopecky Family Band
Director: Jon Jon Augustavo
Miguel 'Simplethings' music video Simplethings (2014)
Director: Sarah McColgan
Production Company: Artists and Derelicts
The Flavr Blue 'We Can Go Blind' music video We Can Go Blind (2014)
The Flavr Blue
Director: Jon Jon Augustavo
The Knocks 'Comfortable' music video Comfortable (2014)
The Knocks
Director: Ace Norton
Production Company: Prettybird
Mary Lambert 'Body Love' music video Body Love (2014)
Mary Lambert
Director: Jon Jon Augustavo
SOL 'Tomorrow' music video Tomorrow (2014)
Director: Jon Jon Augustavo
Mike Posner 'Top Of The World' music video Top Of The World (2013)
Mike Posner
Director: Jon Jon Augustavo
Scott Stapp 'Slow Suicide' music video Slow Suicide (2013)
Scott Stapp
Director: Andrew Gant
Hobo Jazz 'Bonnie' music video Bonnie (2013)
Hobo Jazz
Director: Lei Tao
Tori Kelly 'Dear No One' music video Dear No One (2013)
Tori Kelly
Director: Jon Jon Augustavo
Production Company: Rockhard
Avatar Darko 'Slow Dancing In A Ski Mask' music video Slow Dancing In A Ski Mask (2013)
Avatar Darko
Director: Mego Lin
Tinie Tempah 'Children Of The Sun' music video Children Of The Sun (2013)
Tinie Tempah
Director: Jon Jon Augustavo
Production Company: Rockhard
Mary Lambert 'She Keeps Me Warm' music video She Keeps Me Warm (2013)
Mary Lambert
Director: Mego Lin
Macklemore X Ryan Lewis 'Can't Hold Us' music video Can't Hold Us (2013)
Macklemore X Ryan Lewis
Directors: Ryan Lewis, Jon Jon Augustavo, Jason Koenig
Christian Rich 'XIX' music video XIX (2013)
Christian Rich
Director: Adam Leeman
Macklemore X Ryan Lewis 'Same Love' music video Same Love (2012)
Macklemore X Ryan Lewis
Directors: Ryan Lewis, Jon Jon Augustavo
Theophilus Martins 'Balloons' music video Balloons (2012)
Theophilus Martins
Director: The White Buffalo
The Physics 'So Funky' music video So Funky
The Physics
Director: Jon Jon Augustavo
Sim 'Habesha Queen Pt. II' music video Habesha Queen Pt. II
Director: Jon Jon Augustavo
Paper Diamond 'XIX' music video XIX
Paper Diamond
Directors: The White Buffalo, Christian Rich
Nacho Picasso 'Kickin Out Windows' music video Kickin Out Windows
Nacho Picasso
Director: Jon Jon Augustavo

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