141. Take Me To Sex

Jan 30, 2015

This week we’re all about Kanye West - his relationship with Ellen, his new video for “Only One,” and why Paul McCartney is nowhere to be seen in their collaboration. Plus new videos from Run The Jewels, Ariel Pink, and more.

140. Well Justified Butts

Jan 23, 2015

We break down the music videos of the week, including new videos from Charli XCX, Petite Meller, and The Weeknd.

139. The Morning Music Video Zoo

Jan 16, 2015

This week the team tackles the biggest burning music video question of 2015 - is the Maroon 5 video for "Sugar" staged or not? Plus, more great music videos from this week.

138. Costco Bird Cage

Jan 9, 2015

Week of 01/09/2015. It's a new year, and a new podcast! We start off the year with lots of kids - Maddie Ziegler's role reprisal in Sia's controversial new video for "Elastic Heart", a Kidz Bop video (why not I guess), and Sophia Grace's trip to K-Mart.

137. A Very IMVDb Christmas

Dec 24, 2014

Doug and Adam break down the often neglected world of Christmas music videos.

136. Cocktail Attire feat. Andrew Wheeler

Dec 19, 2014

This week on the podcast we talk to DP Andrew Wheeler about the appropriate outfits to wear to an office Christmas party and whether or not he's friends with Iggy Azalea.

135. The Best Music Videos of 2014

Dec 12, 2014

Doug and Adam sit down to talk about the IMVDb top 10 music videos of 2014.

134. Provided G-String feat. Brian and Karl

Dec 5, 2014

Directing duo Brian and Karl (Brian Fairbairn and Karl Eccleston) join us to talk about their video for “Drown” by Marika Hackman, how referencing things is easier when you hire the crew that made the thing you’re referencing, and how their actual landlady is in one of the videos in our watch list.

133. Hip Hop Street Shuffle feat. Ian Pons Jewell

Nov 21, 2014

Director Ian Pons Jewell joins us to talk about his video for "One Day" by Paolo Nutini, this year's weirdest music video story involving Lana Del Rey, and how just how funky the new Bruno Mars/Mark Ronson video is.

132. The Whackadoodle Bus feat. Brendan Vaughan

Nov 14, 2014

Director Brendan Vaughan joins us to talk about his new video for "I Feel Everything" by Waters, YouTube's new Music Key service, and how painful it was to Taylor Swift destroy that Shelby AC Cobra in her new "Blank Space" video (even though it was fake).

131. The Flower Whisperer feat. Austin Peters

Nov 7, 2014

Director Austin Peters joins us to talk about his videos for Haerts, Haim, and Bastille, the singing of the National Anthem, Kendrick Lamar's new direction, and Die Antwoord's celebrity cameos.

130. Kia Hamster Boxes feat. Derek Hansen

Oct 31, 2014

Colorist Derek Hansen joins us on the podcast to talk about coloring music videos (including "We Can't Stop" by Miley Cyrus), the colorist life, and some good ideas for music video related Halloween costumes

129. Scriptment feat. Brandon Dermer

Oct 24, 2014

Director Brandon Dermer joins us to talk about his new video for "Homeless In Heathrow" by Fartbarf, working with Vine star Amanda Cerny, having a member of Limp Bizkit as a fan, and the technology known as the minidisc.

128. Students of Life feat. Grant Singer

Oct 17, 2014

Director Grant Singer joins us to talk about finding music video locations via Airbnb, recognizing old high school friends in the bands you are making videos for, and getting bending the truth for music videos.

127. Unexpected Things You Don't Expect feat. Benjamin Kutsko

Oct 10, 2014

Director Benjamin Kutsko joins us to talk about his new video for "Encino" by Henry Wolfe (starring Jena Malone), the difficulties of renting the right soda machine, if it'd be cool if David Letterman made music videos (it would be).

126. Cinnamon's Ultimate Fate feat. Tim Hendrix

Oct 3, 2014

Director Tim Hendrix joins us to talk about interesting alpacas facts, miniatures, and 4am call times. Plus, we discuss the great slate of videos that were released this week.

125. Think of the Turtles feat. WATTS

Sep 26, 2014

Jenna and Tripp Watt (WATTS) join us on the podcast to discuss their video for "Ropes" by Annie Eve, getting a green screen when you need a blue screen, the difference between pranks an practical jokes, and ... grindin'.

124. Booties Within a Context feat. BANGS

Sep 19, 2014

Allie Avital Tsypin and Owen Donovan (BANGS) join us to talk about their new video for "Classic" by The Knocks feat. Powers, how terrified Iggy Azalea looks in the new Jennifer Lopez video, and those impossibly cool kids from middle school who played the Sims.

123. Six Degrees of Hiro feat. Kevin Phillips

Sep 12, 2014

Director of photography Kevin Phillips joins us on the podcast to talk about shooting in Venice, working with Grimes, and figuring out how to rig the camera to shot "3005" on a ferris wheel. We also discuss a new HARRYS video and we call the hotline number featured on the new La Roux video.

122. Douchebag Dolphin Vampires feat. Alon Isocianu

Sep 5, 2014

Director Alon Isocianu joins us to talk about his new video for "Up We Go" by Lights, pulling off a complex one shot video, how they (maybe) did the dolphin shots in the new Ten Walls video, and sick belt buckles.

121. Deep Mystic Tan feat. Jordan Bahat

Aug 29, 2014

Director Jordan Bahat joins us on the podcast to discuss why his most personal music video yet takes place in a dentist's office, the issue with the MTV VMAs, and if you can just get up and leave an award show.

120. Borderline Unprofessional feat. Jason Colon

Aug 22, 2014

Producer Jason Colon joins us on the podcast to talk about night shoots, his email address, and which direct is the biggest pain. Plus we discuss the upcoming VMAs, Anaconda, Taylor Swift, and more.

119. Custom Bacon Sandwich feat. James Lees

Aug 15, 2014

Director James Lees joins us on the podcast to talk about his new video for Sinead O’Connor, finding the perfect location for “Counting Stars” by OneRepublic, and the super-trained deer project that Doomsday Entertainment will surely reveal one day.

118. Day Drinking feat. Ryan Staake

Aug 8, 2014

Director Ryan Staake joins the podcast to talk about his music video for "Left Hand Free" by Alt-J, day drinking, and abandoned convents.

117. Complimentary Eye Moistening feat. Silver Sound Showdown

Aug 1, 2014

Silver Sound Showdown Music + Video festival is an annual music video festival and battle of the bands where the winning director and winning band get paired up to make a music video. We’re joined on the podcast by festival director Cory Choy, and last year’s winners - director Nick Snyder and Lisa Moore of the Montreal band Blood and Glass. We talk about the festival, this week’s music videos, and what's twerking in Katy Perry’s new video.

116. Flip Phone Humble feat. Evan Prosofsky

Jul 25, 2014

Director of Photography Evan Prosofsky joins us on the podcast to discuss his two MTV VMA nominations for Best Cinematography, the hugging styles of Paul McCartney and Lana Del Rey, and the thrill of knowing a guy who knows David Blaine.

115. Decade Of The White Ladies feat. Ben Fee

Jul 18, 2014

Ben Fee joins us on the podcast to talk about his new production company Scandinavia (and their awesome Oakland warehouse studio), OMG Oakland, his new Ben Fields video, the MTV VMA nominations, Weird Al, and so much more.

114. A Couple of Bo$$es

Jul 11, 2014

It's the podcast you've been waiting for - Adam & Adam go toe to toe talking about the music videos of the week which includes a videos from Paul McCartney, Fifth Harmony, and Mika. Plus: Adam & Adam call Doug and even discover a site bug.

113. Glorious 360p feat. Lance Drake

Jun 27, 2014

Music video director Lance Drake joins us on the podcast to talk about the two videos he released this week - “How You Love Me” by 3LAU and “Clockwork” by Illangelo. We talk about handling two videos at the same time, the glory days of Borders bookstores, and Robin Thicke’s marriage. Bonus: Adam defends Coldplay’s latest music video.

112. Classic Model Dog Story feat. Geoff Hoskinson

Jun 20, 2014

Director/Animator Geoff Hoskinson joins us on the podcast to discuss being on a one-man video creator for some of our favorite videos - like “Philosophize In It! Chemicalize With It!” by Kishi Bashi. We also discuss the YouTube indie label story, speculate on why Lady Gaga shelved a video where she humps newspapers, and discuss our favorite videos of the week.

111. Flying Pizza Spaceship feat. Isaac Ravishankara

Jun 13, 2014

Music video director Isaac Ravishankara joins us to discuss his experience helming the amazing camp where kids gets to make things with music video directors - OMG! Cameras. We also touch on Psy’s latest outing, the latest in World Cup music videos, the music video that bummed us out the most this week.

110. 30 GoPro Two Toaster feat. Zak Stoltz & John Lyke

Jun 6, 2014

Director Zak Stoltz and actor (and sometimes stunt coordinator) John Lyke join us on the podcast to talk about Zak co-directing “Tongues” by Joywave with Daniels, John acting in “Weightless” by Washed Out, what the set of "Turn Down For What" was like, business cards, toasters, naked hippies, weed stores, and more.

109. Fancy Whip Moves feat. Ari Robbins

May 30, 2014

Music video steadicam operator and producer Ari Robbins (aka the Steadi Jew) joins the podcast to talk about the commitment to pain that is steadicam operation, that Coachella shot in the Arcade Fire "We Exist" video, and how everyone asks him about Russian Ark.

108. Orgy (Not Porn, Not Sex) feat. Thom Glunt

May 23, 2014

We're joined on the podcast by music video director Thom Glunt to talk about slow motion, the things our parents wouldn't let us watch/listen to as kids, and the enduring allure of "Gangnam Style" as it nears 2 billion views.

107. We Eat Sand In That feat. Cameron Clark

May 16, 2014

Animator and VFX artist Cameron Clark joins us this week to talk about working on "The Rule" by Faces On Film, receiving late night VFX emergency calls, wearing tuxedos at the Latin Grammys, and Chinese film students recreating one of his videos.

106. Post-it Proposals feat. BRTHR

May 9, 2014

BRTHR (Alex Lee and Kyle Wightman) join the podcast to talk about their new video for "Youth" by Ben Khan, the wrong color to paint a boy in India, their upcoming director collective, and the time the a model from a Lana Del Rey shoot showed up on their set.

105. Potential Friend feat. LAMAR+NIK

May 2, 2014

Director duo LAMAR+NIK join the podcast to discuss KFC in France, British customs, citing references in music videos, and 50 Cent's new interest in nursery rhymes.

104. I Hate My Birthday

Apr 25, 2014

Colleen Curlin of The Los Angeles Music Video Festival joins us to talk about LAMVF 2014, music video plagiarism, and the burning question of just how much Pharrell likes the ladies.

103. Crying and Floating

Apr 18, 2014

Doug, Adam, and Adam from Fringe Music Fix are joined by producer/director Chris Black, and touch on a wide range of topics that include rap video tropes, our lizard handshake overlords, cutting your dick off, and angsty white kids in the forest.

102. Space Murder

Apr 11, 2014

Doug, Adam, and Adam from Fringe Music Fix are joined by NORTON to discuss his video for "25 Bucks" by Danny Brown feat. Purity Ring. The crew also discusses IMVDb's new audio commentary feature.

101. Resident Molly User

Apr 4, 2014

Doug, Adam, and Adam from Fringe Music Fix are joined by Danielle Robarge, founder of the Sprockets music video festival in Athens, GA, to talk about the upcoming 2014 Sprockets event, lightsabers at Skrillex concerts, and the possibility of buying a mansion to rent out to music video shoots.

100. Garageband Applause Loop

Mar 28, 2014

Doug, Adam, and Adam from Fringe Music Fix celebrate the 100th episode of the IMVDb podcast with some of their favorite clips from past shows, including segments with Hiro Murai, Evidence, Emily Kai Bock, Dugan O'Neal, Saman Kesh, Ben Fee, Mayer/Leyva, Cameron Duddy, and Saul Levitz. Plus, Lady Gaga's latest epic and Shakira's "Empire" are discussed.

99. The Gang's All Here

Mar 21, 2014

Doug, Adam, and Adam from Fringe Music Fix come together and touch on things like sexy exercising, Katy Perry as a music video tastemaker, and a surprisingly comprehensive history of rappers going to jail. Recorded on March 20, 2014.

98. Shut Down For What

Mar 14, 2014

Adam and Adam discuss the recent DMCA takedowns of music videos from Vimeo with music video director Norton, plus we get a report on the music video portion of SXSW from Doug as he drives out of Austin. Note: DJ Snake's "Turn Down For What" video was pulled off YouTube during this podcast recording. Right after the podcast, it was re-uploaded.

97. Here We Are Leakin'

Mar 7, 2014

With Adam F. out this week , Doug and Adam A of Fringe Music Fix soldier on and attempt to pronounce a slate of increasingly exotic names, all while discussing this week in music videos. Plus, Doug plugs his upcoming lonely journey to SXSW to give away shirts. Recorded on March 6, 2014.

96. Right Back To The Bum

Feb 28, 2014

In a quality verb-packed episode, Doug, Adam, and Adam from Fringe Music Fix lament the breakup of two music video couples, ponder the Hype Williams Yeezus film, and define the phenomenon known as "music video fatigue". Doug also defends his position that having sex with Jay Z isn't something he'd do in real life but the concept is intriguing. Recorded on February 27, 2014.

95. Adam Outlived Jesus

Feb 21, 2014

On this edition of Music Video Land, Doug and Adam celebrate Adam A's birthday by pondering the influence of Legends of the Hidden Temple on Katy Perry's "Dark Horse" video, the mystery of the naked dudes in the Avicii "Addicted To You" video, and what it's like to be a sexy music video lady.

94. Shazam For More

Feb 14, 2014

Doug, Adam, and Adam from Fringe Music Fix discuss the beautiful animal that is "Achy Breaky 2," the giant stone crucifix in Lily Allen's video, and the joys of Shazam. Recorded on February 13, 2014.

93. Like A Tickle In My Heart

Feb 7, 2014

Doug, Adam, and Adam from Fringe Music Fix once again get together to discuss things like using gifs as video previews, t.A.T.u. at the olympics, Dustin Diamond, exorcisms, and more.

92. A Gas Station Like I’ve Never Seen Before

Jan 31, 2014

Doug, Adam, and Adam from Fringe Music Fix gather to talk about Justin Bieber’s excellent Takis joke, moths, knife throwing, the 1987 movie Mannequin, and so much more. Bonus: Doug is in a coffee shop again. Recorded on January 30, 2013.

91. CHVRCHES ft. Bob Seeger

Jan 24, 2014

Doug joins Adam & Adam from a coffee shop/train depot to discuss things like Boggie’s music video makeover, whether Chamber maid is a contemporary term (it’s not), and if it’s acceptable to use water with cereal instead of milk (it’s not). Recorded on January 23, 2014.

90. The Ringolos

Jan 17, 2014

Doug, Adam, and Adam from Fringe Music Fix talk about ghost sex, sad Ewoks, and hunting Diedrich Bader. Recorded on January 16, 2014.

89. In Memory of 'Coach'

Jan 10, 2014

In the first This Week In Music Videos of 2014, Doug, Adam, and Adam of Fringe Music Fix discuss Ke$ha-themed twitter accounts, which music video reminded them of a scene in 'Hook', and Snoop Dogg on The Price Is Right. Recorded Thursday January 9, 2014.

88. TWIMV 12/19/2013: An Old Dude With An Owl

Dec 20, 2013

Doug, Adam, and Adam from Fringe Music Fix discuss the weird parallels between John Mayer’s “Who You Love” and Beyonce’s “Drunk In Love”, Eminem’s elevator ride, selfies, and seizure-inducing emojis.

87. Interview: Dale "Rage" Resteghini

Dec 18, 2013

Prolific music video director Dale "Rage" Resteghini joins us on the podcast to discuss his experience directing hundreds of music videos over the last decade for artists such as Akon, Soulja Boy, Snoop Dogg, Gym Class Heroes, TI, Fallout Boy, Lil' Wayne, Ray J, The Game, Busta Rhymes, and many more.

86. The Best Music Videos of 2013

Dec 13, 2013

Doug, Adam, and Adam from Fringe Music Fix discuss the IMVDb Top Music Videos of the 2013 list. Recorded on December 12, 2013.

85. TWIMV 12/05/2013: Thrusty

Dec 6, 2013

Doug and Adam discuss the week in music videos, top 10 lists, and Blockbuster’s room of movies. Recorded Thursday, 12/05/2013.

84. TWIMV 11/21/2013: Green Screen Dryhumping

Nov 22, 2013

Doug, Adam, and Adam from Fringe Music Fix discuss the rise of music videos for older songs, the rise high-profile interactive music videos, and why Kanye loves premiering videos on Ellen. Recorded on Nov 21, 2013.

83. TWIMV 11/14/2013: A Thousand Years of 2 Chainz

Nov 14, 2013

Doug, Adam, and Adam from Fringe Music Fix discuss the music video releases of the week.

82. Interview: Cameron Duddy

Nov 11, 2013

Music video director Cameron Duddy joins us on the podcast to talk about his career making music videos for artists like Bruno Mars, Awolnation, and OneRepublic, plus why wearing a jean jacket may have been a pivotal decision in his career.

81. TWIMV 11/07/2013: The Lena Dunham Train

Nov 8, 2013

Doug, Adam, and Adam from Fringe Music Fix discuss the ups and downs of the YouTube Music Awards, the videos of the week, and the musical version of Elf.

80. TWIMV 10/25/2013: I'm Paul McCartney, Who Cares?

Oct 25, 2013

Doug, Adam, and Adam of Fringe Music fix discuss the great state of Massachusetts, the recent wave of meta music videos, the challenges of interpreting music videos from other cultures, and the pros/cons of the star-studded Paul McCartney video.

79. TWIMV 10/17/2013: Where Are the Parents

Oct 17, 2013

Adam, Doug, and Adam from Fringe Music Fix discuss the fact that a novelty song about Chinese food is the top music video of the week, why Facebook premieres are not cool, and the rollout of the Atoms for Peace video.

78. TWIMV 10/10/2013: It Is a Drugs

Oct 10, 2013

Doug, Adam, and Adam from Fringe Music Fix discuss this week in music videos, including whether or not you can hire Kryoman for your child's birthday party, D'Angelo's "V", and what film Christopher Guest should probably request an Alan Smithee on. Recorded on October 10, 2013.

77. TWIMV 10/3/2013: Uncle Terry

Oct 3, 2013

Doug, Adam, and Adam from Fringe Music Fix talk about this week in music videos, including "Work Bitch" by Britney Spears, "Pour It Up" by Rihanna, "Here Comes The Night" by Arcade Fire, and more. Recorded on October 3, 2013.

76. TWIMV 9/26/2013: The Rat

Sep 27, 2013

Doug and Adam are joined by Adam Alexander of Fringe Music Fix to talk about the music videos released this week. Recorded on September 26, 2013.

75. TWIMV 9/19/2013: A$AP Fairholm

Sep 20, 2013

Doug and Adam are joined by Adam Alexander to talk about the music videos released this week. Recorded on September 19, 2013.

74. Interview: Shane Drake

Sep 19, 2013

Doug and Adam talk to music video director Shane Drake about his 10+ years in the industry, making videos for different genres, and working as a music video director for American Idol.

73. Casting Batman with Dave Ma

Aug 30, 2013

Director Dave Ma visits Music Video Land to talk about his videos for Foals, Flight Facilities, and Fair Ohs. Doug and Adam also talk about the 2013 MTV VMAs and Jay Z's Facebook premiere of "Holy Grail."

71. Go Hard with James Larese of Syndrome

Mar 1, 2013

James Larese of Syndrome visits Music Video Land to talk about Eminem, Big Boi, and Kreayshawn. Doug and Adam also talk about the VFX protest and the importance of VFX in music videos.

70. It's Spelled Like It Sounds with Roboshobo

Jan 31, 2013

Director Roboshobo visits Music Video Land to talk about his videos for Green Day, The Killers, Mastodon, and Alice In Chains. Doug and Adam also talk about space music videos.

69. Where Did The Furries Come From? with Declan Whitebloom

Jan 10, 2013

Declan Whitebloom visits Music Video Land to talk about his videos for artists like Taylor Swift, Sugarland, and One Direction, as well as what it's like being part of a Sony store window display. Doug and Adam discuss Country Music Videos.

68. Top Ten Music Videos of 2012

Dec 28, 2012

Doug and Adam discuss their picks for the top 10 music videos of 2012, as well recognize some awesome superlative music video achievements.

67. Dressing the Part with Hannah Lux Davis

Dec 21, 2012

Director Hannah Lux Davis visits music video land to talk about her production makeup background, her style guides, and camera mugging. Doug and Adam also talk about all the Christmas music videos that came out in 2012.

66. Confidence Dispensing with Rik Cordero

Dec 13, 2012

Director Rik Cordero visits Music Video Land to talk about Action Bronson, Three/21 Media, and Three/21 Media's YouTube channel. Doug and Adam talk about the YouTube redesign.

65. Music Video Briefs with Caroline Bottomley

Dec 6, 2012

Caroline Bottomley, founder of Radar Music Videos, visits Music Video Land to talk about how her site connects directors to labels and artists. Doug and Adam ponder the mystery that is online royalties and VEVO.

64. Falling in Love with Motion with Timothy Saccenti

Nov 29, 2012

Director Timothy Saccenti visits Music Video Land to talk about the jump from photography to film, collaboration, and shooting with your Xbox Kinect. Adam and Doug also talk about how albums fit into the world of music videos.

63. It's in The Constitution with Chris Marrs Piliero

Nov 15, 2012

Director Chris Marrs Piliero visits Music Video Land to talk about people you've never heard of, like Ryan Seacrest and Britney Spears. Doug and Adam also talk about the UK MVAs and some YouTube video that mentions music videos.

62. Run This City with Ellis Bahl

Nov 1, 2012

Director Ellis Bahl visits Music Video Land to talk about his music video for his "Breezeblocks" by Alt-J, transitioning into bigger budget music videos, and, most importantly, seeing Doug at the Vimeo Awards. Doug and Adam talk about the place of music videos at reddit.com.

61. That's How New York Won with Claire Carré

Oct 25, 2012

Director Claire Carré visits Music Video Land to talk about her influences as a director, working with Sign Language, and having apartments in two cities. Doug and Adam also attempt to talk about women directors transitioning into film.

60. Music Videos are More Sacred with A/J Jackson

Oct 18, 2012

Director and front man of the band Saint Motel A/J Jackson visits music video land to talk about directing music videos for his own band, along with directing for other artists. Doug and Adam also talk about other musicians who direct music videos.

59. The Best People in Town with Josiah Wolf and Scott M. Fredette

Oct 10, 2012

Josiah Wolf (of the band Why?) and Director Scott M. Fredette visit Music Video Land to talk about the two most recent music videos for Why?, both directed by Scott. Doug and Adam also talk about IMVDb.com.

58. Sharing Software with Matt Amato

Oct 3, 2012

Director Matt Amato, co-founder of The Masses, visits Music Video Land to talk about working with both trained and untrained performers, shooting on the go with the Zumi camera, and the collaborative nature of The Masses. Adam and Doug talk about the rise of the music video series.

57. It Could Only Be Crows with Ninian Doff

Sep 26, 2012

Director Ninian Doff travels all the way from London to visit Music Video Land to talk about motion graphics, crowd-scouring videos, and his subconscious love of limbs.

56. What the Song Feels Like with Brother Ali

Sep 19, 2012

Rhymesayers Entertainment hip-hop artist Brother Ali visits music video land to talk about trusting directors to create his vision, premiering music videos on Huffington Post, and the impact music videos make on his career. Doug and Adam also talk about lyric videos.

55. Just the Beginning with Daniel Livschutz

Sep 12, 2012

Producer Daniel Livschutz visits Music Video Land to talk about producing music videos from South Florida, working as a colorist, and his new venture RollCameras.com, a website designed to connect musicians with up-and-coming directors. Doug and Adam also talk about the highs and lows of the 2012 VMAs.

54. Part of the Band with Saul Levitz

Sep 5, 2012

Columbia Records music video commissioner and producer Saul Levitz visits Music Video Land to talk about what the heck a music video commissioner even is. Doug and Adam also spend some time talking about music video premieres.

53. Sashaying Around the Room with Warren Fu

Aug 29, 2012

Director Warren Fu visits Music Video Land talks about his music videos for Daft Punk, The Darkness, and The Strokes. He also talks about what type of bear costume makes for the best stripper. Plus, Doug and Adam talk about the world of alternate music videos.

52. Bit By the Music Video Bug with Jonathan Wells

Aug 22, 2012

Jonathan Wells, founder of the creative community Flux, visits Music Video Land to talk about the museum exhibition "Spectacle: The Music Video" that he co-curated. Doug and Adam also spend some time talking about Doug's week volunteering at the OMG! Cameras Everywhere summer camp.

51. It's Getting More Blurred with Lex Halaby

Aug 15, 2012

Director Lex Halaby stops by Muisc Video Land to talk about his music videography for artists like Man Man and Atmosphere, plus his experiences incorporating music videos into interactive campaigns. Doug and Adam talk about taking FilmedInsert to the next level.

50. A Year of Post with Matt Alonzo

Aug 7, 2012

Director Matt Alonzo visits Music Video Land to talk about his hip-hop videography, going to Iraq with Xzibit, and the work behind being a music video director.

49. Waiting On Everyone to Standardize with fourclops

Jul 27, 2012

Interactive video team fourclops (director Eli Stonberg and developer Jeff Greco) visit Music Video Land to talk about their interactive music videos for MNDR and Au Revoir Simone.

48. Does This Look Right? with Mayer\Leyva

Jul 20, 2012

Music Video Land heads down to Miami (in person!) to talk to directors Lucas Leyva and Jillian Mayer about their music videos, including Jacuzzi Boys - "Glazin'". Also Doug and Adam talk about how videos get promoted and distributed.

47. The Gardener's Outside with Hank Friedmann

Jul 12, 2012

Director/Editor Hank Friedmann visits Music Video Land to talk about the business of music videos and also about the kind of middle school he went to. Doug and Adam talk about the official music video of the Olympics - "Survival" by Muse.

46. A Therapy Session with Leblanc + Cudmore

Jul 3, 2012

This week, producer/cinematographer Michael Leblanc and writer/director Scott Cudmore visit music video land to talk about their production company, their music videos, and their relationship. It's all very therapeutic. Photo Credit: Jeremy Jansen.

45. MTV Sucks Now with David Herrera

Jun 22, 2012

UCLA instructor and music video director David Herrera visits Music Video Land to talk about his Music Video Production Workshop. Doug and Adam attempt to cover the UMG/NMPA news.

44. We Were Gonna Quit? with DANIELS

Jun 14, 2012

Director duo DANIELS (Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert) make a pit stop in Music Video Land while visiting the Vimeo Festival+Awards in New York City. They talk about their acceptance speech, premiering videos on iTunes, and dogs.

43. Juking with Alistair Legrand

Jun 7, 2012

Director Alistair Legrand spends some time in Music Video Land to discuss his videos for Don Diablo, Data Romance, and Mark Lanegan Band. He also talks about finding influence in some unexpected places.

42. Appreciate the Smell with Ben Fee

Jun 1, 2012

Director Ben Fee visits Music Video Land to chat about his music videos for The Lumineers, Baron von Luxxury, and Quiet Life. He also talks a bit about his time working for Hunter S. Thompson.

41. It's the 80's Bitches with Saman Kesh

May 21, 2012

Director Saman Kesh wins the award for being the first guest of Music Video Land to have won an Emmy, which is actually more prestigious than winning the Emmy itself. Doug also recaps his time at the LAMVF and OMG Everywhere!

40. Hunger Games Ninjas with Dugan O'Neal

May 10, 2012

Director Dugan O'Neal visits Music Video Land for the second time to talk about his video for The Temper Trap, knowing Jennifer Lawrence, meeting Andy Samberg, and how wearing dress shoes makes you formal. He also thanks his parents.

39. Talking Into the Abyss with Emily Kai Bock

Apr 27, 2012

Director Emily Kai Bock visits Music Video Land to talk about her music videos for Grimes and Kool Music 5, and about the transition into being represented by an agency. Plus Doug and Adam do some talkin' about the recent SAG-AFTRA news.

38. Carrie Underwood is Alive with AG Rojas

Apr 19, 2012

Director AG Rojas visits Music Video Land to talk about his new Jack White music video, working with Odd Future, and the correct spelling of his name. Also, Doug and Adam have a quasi-scoop on the Tupac Coachella hologram.

37. LAMVF with Sami Kriegstein

Apr 12, 2012

Sami Kriegstein, founder and director of the Los Angeles Music Video Festival, comes to Music Video Land to talk about the unique events at the festival, which will be held in Downtown Los Angeles on May 4th and 5th, 2012.

36. Where's Our Cap'n Crunch with Chike

Apr 6, 2012

Director Chike of the director duo Coodie and Chike visits Music Video Land to talk about his music videos for Kanye West and Erica Badu, and about how Creative Control is trying to revolutionize the content and products of their culture.

35. Sweatshop Labor of the Future with Hiro Murai and Ryan Reichenfeld

Mar 23, 2012

Our boys Hiro Murai and Ryan Reichenfeld join Doug and Adam for the whole episode to talk about maximizing their potential, 80's crash test dummy commercials, and joys of rotoscoping.

34. Rap Hands with Evidence

Mar 15, 2012

This week, Rhymesayers Entertainment artist and Venice Beach resident Evidence joins the show to talk about his music videos, his Instagram account, and his rap hands.

33. WTF Moments with Michael Q. Schmidt

Mar 8, 2012

Actor Michael Q. Schmidt, who has made appearances in music videos for M.I.A., Toby Keith, and 3OH!3, joins Music Video Land this week to get into a deep conversation about nudity.

32. Our Fourth Time with Thomas McMahan

Mar 2, 2012

Director/animator/designer Thomas McMahan joins Doug and Adam this week to talk about his animated music video for Autolux and being the lead designer/animator of the MTV VMAs.

31. Doggy Watersports with Dave Green

Feb 24, 2012

We're joined by director Dave Green this week to talk about his music videos for Miles Fisher, TJ Miller, Graham Colton, and The Harmonious Pimps of Harmony. But first, Doug and Adam recall some music videos based on movies.

30. The History of Music Videos Part 1

Feb 17, 2012

It's special episode time in Music Video Land. Doug and Adam take a break from interviewing to talk a bit about the history of music videos.

29. Two D's with Todd Angkasuwan

Feb 8, 2012

We welcome director Todd Angkasuwan to Music Video Land this week to talk about his music videos for Evidence, Black Rob, T-Pain and Soulja Boy. We also talk about how OK Go might have for the first time missed the mark with their latest music video.

28. Our First Time with Isaac Ravishankara

Feb 1, 2012

Director Isaac Ravishankara joins us this week to talk about his work with 3OH!3, his most recent video for Anthony Green, and OMG! Everywhere. Adam and Doug also talk about some notable first videos by famous directors.

27. Big Budgets and Big Fights with Jonathan Del Gatto

Jan 26, 2012

Doug and Adam welcome Jonathan Del Gatto to the show this week to talk about directing videos for Matt and Kim, working for MTV, and editing Puff Daddy's "Victory" which is the 7th most expensive music video ever made.

26. Take Your Body Downtown with Dugan O'Neal

Jan 18, 2012

Director Dugan O'Neal, who was named one of the Top 10 Music Video Directors of 2011 by Entertainment Weekly, joins Doug and Adam to talk about directing TV on the Radio, Gym Class Heroes and his parents.

25. Go On with Walu

Jan 12, 2012

Director Walu joins the cast this week to talk about his music videos for Stalley, Wale and Broadway Miller. Doug and Adam also talk about different music video categories.

24. A Thing That Happened with Greg Ephraim

Jan 5, 2012

In the first 'sode of 2012, Greg Ephraim talks about his work as both music video director and director of photography for artists like Rival Sons and New Found Glory. Doug and Adam also review a history of YouTube as a music video distribution platform.

23. Christmas Street with Dan Eckman

Dec 20, 2011

Director Dan Eckman of Derrick Comedy joins Doug and Adam to talk about "Freaks and Geeks" and "Bonfire", his two music videos for Childish Gambino (aka Donald Glover). Also, Doug and Adam celebrate Christmas music videos in all their Christmas glory.

22. Top 5 with Leah McKissock

Dec 14, 2011

Music video director Leah McKissock joins the podcast this week to talk about her award winning music videos for LBCK and His Orchestra. Doug and Adam have also each made their much anticipated lists for Top 5 Music Videos of 2011.

21. An Awesome Day with Rapper Big Pooh

Dec 7, 2011

Rapper Big Pooh's career in the music industry includes both time in a group and as a solo artist, giving him multiple perspectives on making music videos. He talks to Doug and Adam about that and also about food in music videos, which Doug really enjoys. Doug and Adam also talk about Lady Gaga's "Marry the Night" video as well as Lana Del Ray.

20. Continuing the Grind with Kevin Slack

Nov 30, 2011

Kevin Slack, director of music videos for The Gaslight Anthem, Dave Hause, Gillian Visco and Let Me Run, joins Doug and Adam to podcast it up about his vids.

19. Jelly Bean Interns with Greg Jardin

Nov 17, 2011

Greg Jardin, the director of one of the most time consuming music videos ever made (Kina Grannis "In Your Arms") joins Adam and Doug to talk about the process behind his grand jelly bean experiment.

18. McRibbin' with Robby Starbuck

Nov 10, 2011

Robby Starbuck has worked with artists like Snoop Dogg, Smashing Pumpkins, Escape the Fate, Millionaires and now he can add Doug and Adam to that list because he is the guest on this week's show.

17. Without the Gun (With Josh Forbes)

Nov 2, 2011

If you enjoy Good Charlotte, Ariel Pink, Hockey or The Barenaked Ladies then odds are you've seen the work of Josh Forbes. Doug and Adam talk to him this week, focusing on music videos and old lady skin.

16. Dodgeball (with Tim Nackashi)

Oct 21, 2011

This episode is unique. Not because Doug or Adam did anything cool, that never happens. The episode is unique because it features Tim Nackashi, and Tim makes videos that are unique (and also awesome). Seriously, like his Death Cab For Cutie video, which was broadcast live on the internet.

15. Ladyballs (with Bryan Schlam)

Oct 6, 2011

Director Bryan Schlam joins the podcast this week to talk about subjects that Doug and Adam are known authorities on: fashion, nudity and knowing how to say "Theophilus London." Bryan's work includes videos for The Hoof & The Heel, Kitten, and Bomb The Music Industry.

14. Selling Intelligence (with Prince Ea)

Sep 28, 2011

This week, FilmedInsert welcomes Prince Ea to the podcast, one of the most creative hip-hop artists on YouTube and the founder of the Make S.M.A.R.T. Cool movement. And, as always, Doug and Adam talk about music things.

13. Polishing a Turd with Doug Lussenhop (DJ Douggpound)

Sep 22, 2011

Adam and Doug are back for Season 2 - coming out of gate strong with an interview with DJ Douggpound (Doug Lussenhop), editor/writer/director for such amazing shows as Tim & Eric Awesome Show Great Job, The Poundcast, Portlandia, and Jon Benjamin Has a Van. He's also directed and edited music videos for Starkey, Graham Smith, and Juiceboxx.

12. Robot Dancing (with Allen Cordell)

Jun 29, 2011

With videos for popular bands such as Gentlemen Drivers, Cloud Nothings and Tobacco, one might wonder how Allen is able to make such unique work for such popular bands without freaking people out. In this ep, we find out.

11. Penis Fishing (with Jason Goldwatch)

Jun 3, 2011

In 'sode 11, Doug and Adam welcome Jason Goldwatch, director of music videos for Kid Cudi, Evidence, The Roots, Jay-Z, Jay Electronica, Common, Ludacris, Busta Rhymes and many others.

10. He Said No (with Duncan Skiles)

May 20, 2011

Doug and Adam talk to music video director Duncan Skiles about big heads, directing for money, and gambling skeletons. Also, Doug and Adam talk about Taco Bell Swag.

9. Wipeout! (with Hiro Murai)

May 13, 2011

In episode 9, Doug and Adam talk to Hiro Murai, director of videos for artists like B.o.B., Usher, Lupe Fiasco, The Fray and more! Plus, Doug and Adam discuss the genre of funny music videos.

8. No Surprises (with Ben Barnes)

May 5, 2011

This week, Adam and Doug interview Ben Barnes, director of music videos for WHY? and Thavius Beck, about all kinds of music video stuff... music videos that Ben made, that Ben likes and even some that Doug and Adam made. Doug and Adam also waste your time

7. Taboo Shoes (with Yoram Benz)

Apr 22, 2011

Doug and Adam talk to Yoram Benz, director of Jurassic 5's "Ducky Boy" and several other awesome music videos, about things that only Yoram Benz can can talk about... specifically, the music video work of Yoram Benz.

6. Dogboarding (with Ryan Reichenfeld)

Apr 14, 2011

Doug and Adam talk (to the max) with Ryan Reichenfeld, director of the Happy Hollow's video for "Big Bad Wolf" about getting your work recognized by Steve Martin, and riding skateboards made of dogs.

5. Over the Top (with Isaac Rentz)

Mar 31, 2011

Adam and Doug talk to director Isaac Rentz about making a video out of a Sylvester Stallone movie, making the Golden Girls even creepier, and Christmas Eve chats with Topher Grace.

4. Free Nachos (with Ryan McNeill)

Mar 16, 2011

Adam and Doug talk to director Ryan McNeill about breaking actor's ribs, the Ke$ha video that got away, and how to hide vomiting while working on "Deadliest Catch". Plus, Adam and Doug talk Rebecca Black's "Friday" video, and picks of the week.

3. Rubify (with Dan Busby and Hector Alvarez of Syyn Labs)

Mar 9, 2011

Adam and Doug talk to Dan Busby and Hector Alvarez of Syyn Labs, masters of the Rube Goldberg machine featured in the OK GO video "This Too Shall Pass".

2. No Something Around (with Matt Wells)

Feb 24, 2011

Adam and Doug talk to Matt Wells, Director of Rafter's video for "No F***ing Around" and the video for "Havin' My Baby" by Think About Life.

1. We're on Crack (with Mike Diva, PDFlo, and Josh Harraway)

Feb 15, 2011

Adam and Doug talk to the guys behind the Left Right's "I'm on Crack" video: Mike Dahlquist, Pedro Flores, and Josh Harraway. Plus an intro to the site and our picks of the week.

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