API Sandbox

The IMVDb API Sandbox allows you to test out different API calls. Enter in your call and and click "Submit" - the resulting data from the call will appear below.

    "id": 265640102745,
    "production_status": "r",
    "song_title": "It\u0092s Hard To Say Goodbye",
    "song_slug": "its-hard-to-say-goodbye",
    "url": "https:\/\/\/video\/gc-mania\/its-hard-to-say-goodbye",
    "multiple_versions": false,
    "version_name": null,
    "version_number": 1,
    "is_imvdb_pick": false,
    "aspect_ratio": null,
    "year": 1998,
    "verified_credits": false,
    "artists": [
            "name": "G.C. Mania",
            "slug": "gc-mania",
            "url": "https:\/\/\/n\/gc-mania"
    "image": [],
    "directors": [
            "position_name": "Director",
            "position_code": "dir",
            "entity_name": "Oliver Sommer",
            "entity_slug": "oliver-sommer",
            "entity_id": 120029,
            "position_notes": null,
            "position_id": 120029,
            "entity_url": "https:\/\/\/n\/oliver-sommer"
    "release_date_stamp": null,
    "release_date_string": null