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AC/DC ''74 Jailbreak' music video

'74 Jailbreak (1977)


Out of Abingdon '3 Piece Suit' music video

3 Piece Suit (2014)

Out of Abingdon

Paul Kelly 'A Bastard Like Me' music video

A Bastard Like Me (2018)

Paul Kelly

Client Liaison 'A Foreign Affair' music video

A Foreign Affair (2017)

Client Liaison

George Sich 'All I Remember' music video

All I Remember (2011)

George Sich

Hailer 'All I Wanted' music video

All I Wanted (2006)


Sick Puppies 'All The Same' music video

All The Same (Version 2) (2006)

Sick Puppies

Director: Shimon Moore

Darren Hanlon 'All These Things' music video

All These Things (2010)

Darren Hanlon

Ricki-Lee 'All We Need Is Love' music video

All We Need Is Love (2014)


Sweet Jean 'Annabelle' music video

Annabelle (2014)

Sweet Jean

Fatty Gets A Stylist 'Are You Ready?' music video

Are You Ready? (2011)

Fatty Gets A Stylist

Mother Goose 'Baked Beans' music video

Baked Beans (1977)

Mother Goose

We Lost The Sea 'Barkhan Charge' music video

Barkhan Charge (2013)

We Lost The Sea

Havana Brown 'Battle Cry' music video

Battle Cry (2015)

Havana Brown

RÜFÜS 'Be with You' music video

Be with You (2016)


Brendan Maclean 'Beat Me to It' music video

Beat Me to It (2012)

Brendan Maclean

Jessica Mauboy 'Beautiful' music video

Beautiful (2013)

Jessica Mauboy

Spit Syndicate 'Beauty In The Bricks' music video

Beauty In The Bricks (2012)

Spit Syndicate

Jessica Mauboy 'Because' music video

Because (2009)

Jessica Mauboy

Jessica Mauboy 'Been Waiting' music video

Been Waiting (2009)

Jessica Mauboy

Lizanne Richards 'Better Love' music video

Better Love (2013)

Lizanne Richards

Twins 'Between You and I' music video

Between You and I


Jack Ladder 'Black Hole Blues' music video

Black Hole Blues (2005)

Jack Ladder

Darren Hayes 'Black Out the Sun' music video

Black Out the Sun (2011)

Darren Hayes

Taylor Henderson 'Borrow My Heart' music video

Borrow My Heart (2013)

Taylor Henderson

Ricki-Lee 'Breathe' music video

Breathe (2006)


San Mei 'Brighter' music video

Brighter (2013)

San Mei

Jessica Mauboy 'Burn' music video

Burn (2008)

Jessica Mauboy

Ricki-Lee 'Burn It Down' music video

Burn It Down (2012)


Atira 'Burning Desire' music video

Burning Desire (2013)


Darren Hanlon 'Butterfly Bones' music video

Butterfly Bones (2011)

Darren Hanlon

Paulini 'By My Side' music video

By My Side (2015)


Jessica Mauboy 'Can I Get a Moment?' music video

Can I Get a Moment? (2014)

Jessica Mauboy

AC/DC 'Can I Sit Next To You Girl?' music video

Can I Sit Next To You Girl? (1974)


Diana Rouvas 'Can We Make Heaven' music video

Can We Make Heaven (2020)

Diana Rouvas

Ricki-Lee 'Can't Sing a Different Song' music video

Can't Sing a Different Song (2008)


Ricki-Lee 'Can't Touch It' music video

Can't Touch It (2007)


Tina Arena 'Chains' music video

Chains (Version 1) (1994)

Tina Arena

Snog 'Cheerful Hypocrisy' music video

Cheerful Hypocrisy (2015)


Arundel 'Chimpanzee' music video

Chimpanzee (2013)


Tina Arena 'Church' music video

Church (2021)

Tina Arena

Naked On The Vague 'Clock of 12's' music video

Clock of 12's (2011)

Naked On The Vague

Bill Parton Trio 'Closer Now' music video

Closer Now (2014)

Bill Parton Trio

Brendan Maclean 'Cold and Happy' music video

Cold and Happy (2011)

Brendan Maclean

Royaal and Black 'Come Home' music video

Come Home (2011)

Royaal and Black

Ricki-Lee 'Crazy' music video

Crazy (2012)


Arch Enemy 'Dark Insanity' music video

Dark Insanity (2009)

Arch Enemy

DJ Keen & Timmy Strikez 'Dark Path' music video

Dark Path (2013)

DJ Keen & Timmy Strikez

Evil Eddie 'De-Sex Your Ex' music video

De-Sex Your Ex (2011)

Evil Eddie

Horrorshow 'Dead Star Shine' music video

Dead Star Shine (2013)