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Last week, director Ryan Staake released the music video for “Freak” by Steve Aoki, Diplo, & Deorro, a hilarious and sexy video that at first appears to be a lot more NSFW than it actually is. We asked Ryan do go behind the scenes on the video and show us… Read More

Back in January, we were invited down to Miami by Vilas Entertainment to spend the day on set of “Dangerous” by Before You Exit, directed by James Davis II. While there, we took a few photos of the action, shot some video, and only walked into one glass door while… Read More

Back in early August, we were out in LA doing all sorts of cool LA things like eating Jack In The Box, sitting in traffic, and shooting photos on sets of music videos. One of those music videos we were lucky enough to shoot photos on (thanks to RW Media) was "Never Never" by… Read More

Last month, we talked to director Phil Mucci and Huntress lead singer Jill Janus about their "Zenith" music video. The sexy, high-energy video has been one of our favorites of the year, so we were really excited when Phil sent us over a ton on exclusive images from production. Below… Read More

Earlier this year, IMVDb was on set at The New Theater @ 45th Street in New York City to get a behind the scenes look at "Vertigo" by CREEP ft. Lou Rhodes, directed by Ellen Frances and shot by Alex Cullen. The video features lots of costumes and props that… Read More

Last Sunday, before liveblogging the VMAs, we were with Survive This!, director Aaron Hymes, and Anthem Films on set of "Where I Belong." We were able to catch a bit of the narrative action and none of the rooftop performance, but things were already starting to look pretty sweet, with… Read More

Last month, a bunch of music video directors got together with a bunch of kids from The Bronx to work together for a week on a bunch of awesome video projects - mainly music videos. It’s called OMG! Cameras Everywhere, and we’re pretty sure you’ve heard of it already because… Read More

A few weeks ago, we headed over to Running Rebel Studios in Brooklyn to check out Jason Ano and Aaron Cohen on set of “My Mother And My Music.” While the shoot itself was pretty simple, with Jason shooting Aaron perform with a couple of lighting and camera setups, Jason… Read More

Last month, Pro Era released the music video for “School High,” directed by Fredo Tovar and Scott Fleishman of Aplus Filmz. Fredo and Scott, who are based out of LA, traveled to New York to shoot the video with Joey Bada$$, Kirk Knight, CJ Fly, and the rest of the… Read More

Eelier this week, we headed over to ACME Studio in Brooklyn to check out director Nicolas Heller and D-Pryde on set of the video for “Lifted.” We knew we were in for a crazy afternoon when as we were walking into the building, several pretty ladies dressed in all white… Read More

Last week while in LA for the Los Angeles Music Video Festival, we had the opportunity to drop by the set of “Cindy & Me” by Caged Animals, directed by Carlos Lopez Estrada and shot by Niko Weisnet. We were only there for part of the day, but we can… Read More

Last week, director Abraham Vilchez-Moran released the flashy “Liberachi” by M. Watts featuring Pusha T. The video features lots of sexy ladies, a snake, and of course M. Watts and Pusha T looking cool. The set seemed like a lot of fun, and although we didn’t get a chance to be… Read More

It’s not every day that you find an artist and director team so committed to a project that they’d be willing to shoot for three days straight in freezing cold Long Island and sell their DSLRs to fund the project. But for the video “Wasted My Time,” I/O and the… Read More

This past weekend, we were on location in Long Island with BRTHR and I/O on set of the music video for “Wasted My Time.” The marathon production, with over 15 locations in less than 72-hours, required I/O to do everything from fall backwards into 35 degree water, climb into a… Read More

Yesterday, while everyone else was enjoying the release of Fredo Tovar and Scott Fleishman’s “I Ain't Happy” by Cashius Green featuring Vince Staples, the directors themselves were on set with Pro Era, shooting the music video for “School High.” The video shows the Pro Era guys at a high school,… Read More

Last month, we spent the day with Jason Ano on the set of Black Dave’s “Muthafuck! My Enemies” and we shared a few photos with you. Today, Dave premiered the video, and so we’re happy to premiere the behind the scene video that we shot while on set with him and… Read More

This past weekend, we spent some time with Ellen Frances on the set of the video for “Vertigo” by CREEP featuring Lou Rhodes. On Friday, we had the chance to watch Ellen and technical consultant Mari Kussman begin to assemble some of the costumes, then on Sunday we went down… Read More

Yesterday, we were on the lower east side of Manhattan on set with Jason Ano and Black Dave, shooting a behind-the-scenes video for “Muthafuck! My Enemies” that you guys will get to see very soon. Until then, here is a few photos from the shoot that are both cool and… Read More

While in New York back in April, I linked up with Chike from Creative Control as he shot the music video for “Hardknocks” with Joey BADA$$ and CJ Fly. Here are some of the cool things I saw.    Read More

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