In Production Music Videos

Artist Song Name Director(s) Production Co. Scheduled Release Date
Chelsea Shag One Kiss Richard Volsky April 5, 2017
Killa J Duffle Daniel Oramas RiTE Media Group March 31, 2017
HILGAS Derba Bass April 20, 2016
DJ6Pac Grindin Matt Sekayi January 19, 2016
Money Four Drugs Millions Marlon Woods May 23, 2014
Zac and The Explorerz The Burning Rage Within March 1, 2014
Andi Starr Jalousie Tekin Girgin October 28, 2013
Mister Lies Hounded February 26, 2013
Idiot Pilot Tail of a Jet Black Swan Micah Knapp January 31, 2013
DD Foxx Who Do You Think You Are Carl 'Video' Verna Domino Effect Productions November 30, 1999
Illnulla Lupo
Lady Gaga Cake Terry Richardson
Shamar Forté Don't Stop Joe Dibenedetto
Shamar Forté Forty Four Cameron Michael
Sóley Bad Dream Ellen Ragnarsdóttir
Raam Reddy
Ace Hood Have Mercy Ivan Berrios
Bookhouse Boys A Faded Rose Roxy Erickson
Caroline Brooks Tomorrow, Tonight Tim Cruz
HITS After Dark Michael Lawrence
Kelly Thomas
Liam Burke The Ride Matt Brownsett Daisy Clover Productions
Midnight Taxi Metamorphosis Matt Brownsett Daisy Clover Productions
Young Stunta She Like it GoodToolsGoodCrops
White Star Liners Practicing Goodbyes
Clyde Carson Everyday Alexi Papalexopoulos
Jordan Mitchell Mr. Heartbreak Charles Frisby Grunge Productions
Blueprint Just Move David Damen
Black Boots Streetwalker Jeremy Cloe
Raashan Ahmad Get High Sergio Espino
Cliff Dweller Desert Beach Michael Lawrence
Kobreta Victory Jeff Reyes
Wes Period Hood Ornament Ryan Valdez
Avicii The True Reveal
Fearless King Shyt Manish Wayz
Yuck Somewhere Michael Lawrence
Souljah Snoop Loc Cold World Manish Wayz
Pure Bathing Culture Scotty Michael Lawrence
Perma Little Light
Young Planet Baptized Alex F. Ghassan
Tess Haunted Tara Alexis Visual Harassment
Sonyae Elise Felony Isam Muhammad ANDM
Lil Twist Contact Parris Riveting Entertainment
The Damn Choir Radiator Dawn Bierschwal
Breeze Park Thrilla Abraham Vilchez-Moran
Fagault & Marina Tonight Mikey Easterling Talkboy TV
100s 10 Freaky Hoes Shomi Patwary
David Rosales Too Young to Know Better Rayka Zehtabchi
Erica Chase Letter Kevin Shulman
Erica Chase Come Over
Junia-T Wasting Time Smiley Montague
Tequilla Mockingbird Remnants Matt Brownsett
Caiti Patton Trouble Chris de Geus
I65 City of Angels Emma Higgins
Mihai Napu Bella Vita Ioana Gomoi
Get Inuit What's A Man Without Umph? Jacob Rickard
Senium Drone Mitch McKeever Hum Radio Productions
50 Cent This Is Murder Not Music (Remix)
Kiah Victoria Gravitate Tyler Mitchell
Carolyn Marie Our Favorite Song Dan Levitt
MIXSOUL TV Wallpaper Santa Catarina Hugo J
Magic! Don't Let Your Hair Down
eMC Sweet Patato Fries Ali Baba Rosenthal
A$ton Matthews Initiation Andrew Hines
Consequence Bottle Girl Consequence
Commissioner Gordon
Jalen McMillan Until The End
Mia Martina HFH
Miranda Kerr Glitter & Gold Francesco Carrozzini Ramble West Productions
Sonyae Elise Reggie
Apocalyptica Shadowmaker Lisa Mann
Swiss American Federation Feel This Way Nicholas Lam
Christina Aguilera Easier to Lie
T.I. Ain't Gonna See It Coming PhillyFlyBoy
Sleeperzzz Video Girl Sean E. McCarthy
Stunt Plane Sounds Like You Delila Vallot Open Land Films
Polyenso 17 New Years Masood Ahmed
Roseau Disintegrate Hannah Jacobs
Young Ash Murder Luis Rose Santos
Olanna Taskey Do What I Want Nigel Dick
The Living Deads Under The Gun