The Year In Music Videos

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Although many of us will still accidently write “2016” on our music videos for a few more weeks, the year is pretty much over. Because of that, we’re are contractually obligated by Billy Music Video (the original inventor of music videos) to release the list of our favorite music videos of the year. Below you’ll find a playlist of our favorite 15 music videos from 2016, an even longer list of our top 50, and as always, a growing batch of “best of” lists curated by some of our pals and creators around the industry.

In addition to being another great year for music videos, 2016 also saw a spike in the number of popular music video directors making the jump into longform projects, most notably with Daniels’ feature film Swiss Army Man and the Hiro Murai-led TV series Atlanta. These jumps surprise no one from the music video community, and prove that music videos have reemerged as a breeding ground for new talent equipped to entertain a large commercial audience. So if you don’t already, maybe you should start paying attention to the people who made these music videos, because they’ll be the same people making everything else pretty soon, too.

Best Videos Of Each Month