Music Video Relapse

Most of the time on Music Video Relapse I am writing about a music video that is a classic for a good reason - either being iconic or just fondly remembered. Sometimes I write about a music video that was release relatively recently but I think needs a second look… Read More

As we've covered on the blog before, ABBA has an interesting history with music videos, using the form back in the late 1970s to spread their music to overseas markets. The videos, while pretty primitive, are well-done for their time, and they are almost all on their ABBA Vevo account,… Read More

When a video gets pulled off of YouTube, they usually tell you who made them do it. Usually it's a record label, but sometimes it's a random name. For instance, Iggy Azalea used to have a video called "Pu$$y," but it now says "This video is no longer available because… Read More

People whose jobs revolve around throwaway "viral" stories hit pay dirt last week when someone noticed that a radio station in LA was playing Nelly's 2002 hit "Hot In Herre" over and over again. This is apparently relatively standard procedure for radio stations undergoing a format change (it has since… Read More

A Noisey article from last week made a pretty good point about Katy Perry music videos: "as far as music videos go, Katy Perry seems to have two speeds: sad, and batshit fucking crazy." The article was about her "Dark Horse" video (a video that is definitely evidence for their… Read More

Every once in a while, I'm in the mood for some good old fashioned, straight up camera tricks. Films use these kinds of things for comedic effect all the time - if you've seen the 1984 film Top Secret!, you know what I'm talking about: The humor comes from the… Read More

For Music Video Relapse articles, sometimes it's fun to find a music video that is relevant to current events. For instance, if t.A.T.u. played at the Olympics opening ceremonies, how about looking back at a t.A.T.u. music video? And so on and so forth. So today's relapse was pretty easy,… Read More

I'm a huge Olympics fan. It's not just the athletic events, although those are great - it's the whole spectacle of a city taking on an insane logistical challenge that includes mastering almost everything you can think of from performing arts to architecture to PR. As far as Olympics go,… Read More

Yesterday word got out that one of the performers who would be appearing at the Sochi Olympics opening ceremony pre show is t.A.T.u. In fact, the Russian athletes just walked into the opening ceremony to the music of the Russian duo. When you think about it, the choice makes sense… Read More

Last week we got a taste of something no one even knew we were missing - Shakira and Rihanna together, hanging out sexily in a music video. It has been insanely popular, which is really no surprise given that Rihanna touching Shakira's butt is not exactly a hard sell. As… Read More

Now that the Superbowl is over, it's time to turn our attention to the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. Starting Friday, the Winter Olympics will bring a mix of sports everyone knows about (hockey) and some of the weirdest sports in the Olympic catalog, like the one where the… Read More

Want a fun game to play with music videos? Sure you do. One of our favorite music video games is "guess the year" just by looking at a few seconds of the video. It's easier than you might think. Music videos can sometimes be like visual sponges - they seem… Read More

One of the trends in music for 2014 so far is older, established acts releasing some good new music. For instance, everyone's favorite Judy Garland tribute artist Rufus Wainwright just released a new song, "Me And Liza", for his upcoming "best of" compilation album. But my favorite so far has… Read More

The last two months have seen a lot of video releases from Childish Gambino in promotion of his new album, because the internet - including a short film, an album trailer, a music video for "3005," and a music video for "The Worst". On top of that, Childish Gambino himself… Read More

Today is Martin Luther King Jr day in the United States, and in the grand scheme of things, it's a pretty recent federal holiday, having only been signed into law in 1983. (Fun fact: even though MLK Day ostensibly celebrates MLK's birthday, it is always on a Monday due to… Read More

When it comes to bizarre, visceral images, I think music videos have everything else beat by a mile. Especially in the last 10 years or so when the internet has made everything a little bit stranger, music videos have taken the lead in getting weirder and weirder. So today on… Read More

OutKast will play a big role in our lives this summer, as they'll be hitting more than 40 festivals around the world, starting with Coachella. So this seems like a good a time as any to revisit the music video that Doug has been suggesting I do a Music Video… Read More

  If you spend any amount of time watching music videos, you've probably come across your fair share of "backwards" videos. When you think about it, music videos are really the only medium you can have everything literally backwards (as in not just having your scenes backwards), and it's a… Read More

One of the interesting things about running this website is that we sometimes get retweeted by artists and directors when we tweet about new music videos (The night Rebecca Black followed us will remain one of our proudest moments). Last weekend, though, Ke$ha decided to RT our new music video… Read More

Yesterday, St. Vincent released a video of her standing still while the audio from her new track, "Digital Witness" plays. First of all, it's pretty clear from both the track and her new grey hairstyle that David Byrne has been a big impact on her. Also, whether or not Clark… Read More

  When a music video is made, one variable is whether or not the people making it know if a song is going to be popular or not. Some videos are made for songs that are already extremely popular, or definitely will be popular because of who the artist is.… Read More

Over the holiday break I heard a lot about Justin Bieber, and none of it was particularly good press. He had a film opening on Christmas Day that didn't do as well as some had expected, and everyone thought he was retiring from music because, well, he told people he… Read More

The most omnipresent form of Christmas entertainment in our house is without a doubt the modern Christmas movie. My wife is a big enthusiast of this art form, and every year she seems to find a never-ending supply of Christmas movies that almost always revolve around two basic plots: experiencing… Read More

Perhaps you heard about Beyoncé's album and music video release from last week? It was released at midnight on Thursday and people understandably went nuts since nobody knew it was going to happen. And so now we've got a sweet new set of tracks about Beyoncé and Jay Z having… Read More

We've all been in situations where we just want to mess shit up. Maybe you're at Trader Joe's on a Saturday afternoon and it's extremely busy and you just want to just take the re-stocking cart full of Camembert Cheese & Cranberry Sauce Fillo Bites and just throw it all… Read More

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