Carole Burton-Fairbrother

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Melanie C 'Weak' music video Weak (2011)
Melanie C
Director: Michael Baldwin
Production Company: Gas & Electric
The Chemical Brothers 'Midnight Madness' music video Midnight Madness (2008)
The Chemical Brothers
Director: Dom & Nic
Production Company: Factory Films
Massive Attack 'Live With Me' music video Live With Me (2006)
Massive Attack
Director: Jonathan Glazer
Production Company: Academy Films
The Chemical Brothers 'Believe' music video Believe (2005)
The Chemical Brothers
Director: Dom & Nic
Production Companies: Oil Factory Inc., Factory Films
The Chemical Brothers 'Galvanize' music video Galvanize (2004)
The Chemical Brothers
Director: Adam Smith
Production Company: Colonel Blimp
Atomic Kitten 'Love Doesn't Have To Hurt' music video Love Doesn't Have To Hurt (2003)
Atomic Kitten
Director: Phil Griffin
Production Company: Sledge, Inc.
Richard Ashcroft 'Buy It In Bottles' music video Buy It In Bottles (2003)
Richard Ashcroft
Director: Jamie Morgan
The Chemical Brothers 'The Golden Path' music video The Golden Path (2003)
The Chemical Brothers
Director: Chris Milk
Planet Funk 'Inside All the People' music video Inside All the People (2002)
Planet Funk
Director: Stuart Rideout
Production Company: HLA
David Bowie 'Thursday's Child' music video Thursday's Child (1999)
David Bowie
Director: Walter Stern
Massive Attack 'Teardrop' music video Teardrop (1998)
Massive Attack
Director: Walter Stern

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