Charlie Goodger

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Director of Photography Videography (6)

Lisa Hannigan 'Fall' music video Fall (2016)
Lisa Hannigan
Director: Harvey Pearson
Production Company: Greatcoat Films
Laura Mvula 'Show Me Love' music video Show Me Love (2016)
Laura Mvula
Director: Damian Weilers
Production Company: Loose Joints
Rationale 'Something For Nothing' music video Something For Nothing (2016)
Director: Crooked Cynics
Production Company: Rubber Necker Films
Rationale 'Fuel To The Fire' music video Fuel To The Fire (2015)
Director: Crooked Cynics
Summer Ghost 'Milk' music video Milk (2014)
Summer Ghost
Director: Jim Archer
DeLooze 'Deathstar' music video Deathstar (2014)
Director: Ben Goodger