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Die Antwoord 'Alien' music video Alien (2018) Director: NINJA
Die Antwoord 'Fat Faded Fuck Face' music video Fat Faded Fuck Face (2017) Director: Yolandi Visser
Die Antwoord 'Banana Brain' music video Banana Brain (2016) Directors: NINJA, Terence Neale
Die Antwoord 'Ugly Boy' music video Ugly Boy (2014) Director: NINJA
Die Antwoord 'Pitbull Terrier' music video Pitbull Terrier (2014) Director: NINJA
Production Company: Zef Films
Die Antwoord 'Cookie Thumper' music video Cookie Thumper (2013) Director: NINJA
Production Company: ZEF Filmz
Die Antwoord 'Fatty Boom Boom' music video Fatty Boom Boom (2012) Directors: NINJA, Terence Neale, Saki Fokken Berg
Production Company: ZEF Filmz
Die Antwoord 'Dis Iz Why I'm Hot' music video Dis Iz Why I'm Hot (2012) Directors: Clayton Cubitt, Terence Neale, Wang Newton, NINJA
Die Antwoord 'FOK JULLE NAAIERS' music video FOK JULLE NAAIERS (2012) Directors: NINJA, Ross Garret
Die Antwoord 'I Fink U Freeky' music video I Fink U Freeky (2012) Directors: Roger Ballen, NINJA
Die Antwoord 'Baby's On Fire' music video Baby's On Fire (2012) Directors: Terence Neale, NINJA
Die Antwoord 'Enter The Ninja' music video Enter The Ninja (2010) Directors: Rob Malpage, NINJA
Die Antwoord 'Evil Boy' music video Evil Boy (2010) Directors: NINJA, Robert Malpage
Die Antwoord 'Beat Boy' music video Beat Boy Directors: NINJA, Sean Metelerkamp
Die Antwoord 'Rich Bitch' music video Rich Bitch Directors: Kobus Holnaaier, NINJA
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