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DJ Fresh 'Believer' music video Believer (2015) Production Company: theHUGE
Director: Jon Jon Augustavo
DJ Fresh 'Gravity' music video Gravity (2014)
DJ Fresh 'Make U Bounce' music video Make U Bounce (2014) Director: Mickey Finnegan
Production Company: London Alley Entertainment
DJ Fresh 'Dibby Dibby Sound' music video Dibby Dibby Sound (2013)
DJ Fresh 'Earthquake' music video Earthquake (2013) Director: Jonas & Francois
DJ Fresh 'The Feeling' music video The Feeling (2012)
DJ Fresh 'The Power' music video The Power (2012)
DJ Fresh 'Hot Right Now' music video Hot Right Now (2011) Director: Rohan Blair Mangat
DJ Fresh 'Hot Right Now' music video Hot Right Now (2011)
DJ Fresh 'Louder' music video Louder (2011)
DJ Fresh 'Lassitude' music video Lassitude (2010)
DJ Fresh 'Gold Dust' music video Gold Dust (2010)
DJ Fresh 'Nervous' music video Nervous
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