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Hazel English 'Shaking' music video Shaking (2019)
Hazel English
Director: Erin Murray
Omen '48 Laws' music video 48 Laws (2017)
Director: Andrew Litten
PJ 'This Is What It Looks Like' music video This Is What It Looks Like (2017)
Director: Chris Black
Wil$on 'Hot' music video Hot (2016)
Director: Spencer Creigh
Production Company: Whitelist
Liima 'Amerika' music video Amerika (2016)
Director: Olivier Groulx
Production Company: Miss Management
Emmecosta 'Thousands of Me' music video Thousands of Me (2015)
Director: Edward John Drake
We Are The Ocean 'Good For You' music video Good For You (2015)
We Are The Ocean
Director: Edward John Drake
Blu (Johnson Barnes) 'The Return' music video The Return (2015)
Blu (Johnson Barnes)
Director: Daniel Anthony
Holly Herndon 'Morning Sun' music video Morning Sun (2015)
Holly Herndon
Directors: John Merizalde, Mat Dryhurst
Production Company: Anthem Films
Kali Uchis 'Know What I Want' music video Know What I Want (2014)
Kali Uchis
Director: Chris Black
Cozz 'Cody Macc' music video Cody Macc (2014)
Director: John Merizalde
Pyramid Vritra 'Eleven12' music video Eleven12 (2014)
Pyramid Vritra
Director: Chris Black
Jon Waltz 'Bang' music video Bang (2014)
Jon Waltz
Director: John Merizalde
Cozz 'Dreams' music video Dreams (2014)
Director: John Merizalde
The Weeks 'Brother In The Night' music video Brother In The Night (2013)
The Weeks
Director: John Merizalde
Production Company: Tre Native

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