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Pegase 'Another World' music video Another World (2016) Director: Marta Bevacqua
Pegase 'The Black Snow' music video The Black Snow (2016) Director: Eléonore Wismes
Pegase 'Be Wild' music video Be Wild (2016) Director: Eléonore Wismes
Pegase 'Well Bell' music video Well Bell (2015) Director: Anthony Poulon
Pegase 'Ladybug' music video Ladybug (2014) Director: Atelier Raegular
Pegase 'Out of Range' music video Out of Range (2013) Director: Nicolas Davenel
Production Company: HK Corp
Pegase 'The Bad Side of Love' music video The Bad Side of Love (2012) Director: Nicolas Davenel
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