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Rosie Lowe 'So Human' music video So Human (2016) Director: Alice Dunseath
Rosie Lowe 'Woman' music video Woman (2016) Director: Nadia Marquard Otzen
Rosie Lowe 'Worry Bout Us' music video Worry Bout Us (2015)
Rosie Lowe 'Who's That Girl?' music video Who's That Girl? (2015) Director: Bison
Rosie Lowe 'How'd You Like It' music video How'd You Like It (2014) Production Company: Academy Films
Director: Us
Rosie Lowe 'Water Came Down' music video Water Came Down (2014) Director: Jacob Hopewell
Rosie Lowe 'Games' music video Games (2014) Director: Fred Rowson
Rosie Lowe 'Right Thing' music video Right Thing (2013) Director: Kieren Gallear
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