St. Vincent

St. Vincent

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St. Vincent 'The Melting Of The Sun' music video The Melting Of The Sun (2021) Director: Chris McD
St. Vincent 'Pay Your Way In Pain' music video Pay Your Way In Pain (2021) Director: Bill Benz
Production Company: Triple Seven Pictures
St. Vincent 'Masseduction' music video Masseduction (2019)
St. Vincent 'Fast Slow Disco' music video Fast Slow Disco (2018) Director: Zev Deans
Production Companies: Panorama Programming, Interzone Films
St. Vincent 'Pills' music video Pills (2017) Director: Philippa Price
St. Vincent 'Los Ageless' music video Los Ageless (2017) Director: Willo Perron
St. Vincent 'New York' music video New York (2017) Director: Alex Da Corte
St. Vincent 'Birth In Reverse' music video Birth In Reverse (2014) Director: Willo Perron
St. Vincent 'Digital Witness' music video Digital Witness (2014) Director: Chino Moya
St. Vincent 'Cheerleader' music video Cheerleader (2012) Director: Hiro Murai
Production Company: Bonnie Brae
St. Vincent 'Cruel' music video Cruel (2011) Director: Terri Timely
St. Vincent 'Jesus Saves, I Spend' music video Jesus Saves, I Spend (2008) Director: Andy Bruntel
St. Vincent 'Marrow' music video Marrow Director: Terri Timely
St. Vincent 'Actor Out Of Work' music video Actor Out Of Work Director: Terri Timely
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