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Stone Sour 'Tired' music video Tired (2013)
Stone Sour 'Do Me A Favor' music video Do Me A Favor (2013) Director: Phil Mucci
Production Company: Doomsday Entertainment
Stone Sour 'Gone Sovereign' music video Gone Sovereign (2012) Director: P.R. Brown
Stone Sour 'Hesitate' music video Hesitate (2011) Directors: P.R. Brown, The Beta Movement
Production Company: BLVD Industries
Stone Sour 'Say You'll Haunt Me' music video Say You'll Haunt Me (2010) Director: P.R. Brown
Stone Sour 'Digital (Did You Tell)' music video Digital (Did You Tell) (2010) Director: P.R. Brown
Stone Sour 'Sillyworld' music video Sillyworld (2007) Director: David Brucha
Stone Sour 'Made of Scars' music video Made of Scars (2007) Director: Doug Spangenberg
Stone Sour 'Through Glass' music video Through Glass (2006) Production Company: Rockhard
Director: Tony Petrossian
Stone Sour '30/30-150' music video 30/30-150 (2006) Director: P.R. Brown
Stone Sour 'Reborn' music video Reborn (2006)
Stone Sour 'Inhale' music video Inhale (2003) Production Company: SharkWorks Entertainment
Directors: Gregory Dark, Corey Taylor
Stone Sour 'Bother' music video Bother (2002) Director: Gregory Dark
Production Company: Atlas Films
Stone Sour 'Get Inside' music video Get Inside (2002) Director: Hal Carter
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