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Taylor Dayne 'Dreaming' music video Dreaming (2014) Director: Christopher Ameruoso
Taylor Dayne 'Beautiful' music video Beautiful (2008) Director: Tony Duran (2)
Taylor Dayne 'Unstoppable' music video Unstoppable (1998)
Taylor Dayne 'Original Sin' music video Original Sin (1995) Director: Russell Mulcahy
Taylor Dayne 'I'll Wait' music video I'll Wait (1994)
Taylor Dayne 'Send Me A Lover' music video Send Me A Lover (1993)
Taylor Dayne 'Love Will Lead You Back' music video Love Will Lead You Back (1990) Director: Nigel Dick
Production Company: Propaganda Films
Taylor Dayne 'I'll Be Your Shelter' music video I'll Be Your Shelter (1990) Director: Dominic Sena
Production Company: Propaganda Films
Taylor Dayne 'Heart Of Stone' music video Heart Of Stone (1990) Director: Scott Kalvert
Production Company: Rock Pimps Entertainment
Taylor Dayne 'With Every Beat Of My Heart' music video With Every Beat Of My Heart (1989) Director: David Kellogg
Production Company: Squeak Pictures
Taylor Dayne 'Prove Your Love' music video Prove Your Love (1988) Director: Peter Lippman
Production Company: Lippsync, Inc.
Taylor Dayne 'I'll Always Love You' music video I'll Always Love You (1988) Director: Peter Israelson
Production Company: Picture Vision Pictures
Taylor Dayne 'Don't Rush Me' music video Don't Rush Me (1988) Director: David Hogan
Production Company: Limelight Productions
Taylor Dayne 'Tell It To My Heart' music video Tell It To My Heart (1987) Directors: Scott Kalvert, S.A. Baron
Production Company: Calhoun Productions
Taylor Dayne 'Prove Your Love' music video Prove Your Love (1987)
Taylor Dayne 'Can't Get Enough Of Your Love' music video Can't Get Enough Of Your Love
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