The Drums

  Brooklyn, NY 

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The Drums 'Blood Under My Belt' music video Blood Under My Belt (2017) Director: CYCY Sanders
The Drums 'There is Nothing Left' music video There is Nothing Left (2015) Directors: David Gantz, Theo Cohn
The Drums 'I Can't Pretend' music video I Can't Pretend (2014) Director: BRTHR
The Drums 'Magic Mountain' music video Magic Mountain (2014) Director: The Drums
The Drums 'Days' music video Days (2012) Director: Patrick Roberts
The Drums 'Money' music video Money (2011) Production Company: The Directors Bureau
Director: M Blash
The Drums 'Down by the Water' music video Down by the Water (2010) Directors: Brad Palmer, Brian Palmer
Production Company: Surround
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