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Travis 'Moving' music video Moving (2013) Artist
Travis 'Where You Stand' music video Where You Stand (2013) Artist
Travis 'Another Guy' music video Another Guy (2013) Artist
Travis 'Love Will Come Through' music video Love Will Come Through (2012) Artist
Travis 'Closer' music video Closer (2007) Artist
Travis 'Walking In The Sun' music video Walking In The Sun (2004) Artist
Travis 'Flowers In The Window' music video Flowers In The Window (2001) Artist
Travis 'Side' music video Side (2001) Artist
Travis 'Driftwood' music video Driftwood (1999) Artist
Travis 'Why Does It Always Rain On Me?' music video Why Does It Always Rain On Me? (1999) Artist
Travis 'Turn' music video Turn (1999) Artist
Travis 'The Beautiful Occupation' music video The Beautiful Occupation Artist
Travis 'All I Want To Do Is Rock' music video All I Want To Do Is Rock Artist
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