Ben Guzman Playlist

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Feminist (2012) 

Aaron Cohen
Solar Flare Homicide... (2011) 

Protoman (2012) 

Breathless (2012) 

Asking Alexandria
Shameful Metaphors (2010) 

Spread Too Thin (2012) 

Dirty Heads
Look Real High (2013) 

Adrian Lau
To The Stage (2011) 

Asking Alexandria
Not The American Ave... (2011) 

Asking Alexandria
New Jack (2012) 

Smoke DZA
Clap Your Hands (2011) 

Zak Downtown
One For The Books (2012) 

Zak Downtown
Filth Friends Unite (2012) 

I See Stars
Kiss Me Goodnight (2012) 

Zak Downtown
Rest of Your Life (R... (2012) 

The Knocks
Thick As Thieves (2011) 

Better Man (2011) 

Another Summer Love (2010) 

9th Prince
Catch Me (2013) 

Zak Downtown
I Came To Dig (Minec... (2012) 

Through Sin & Self-D... (2012) 

Asking Alexandria
99 Problems (2010) 

Bodies In The Trunk (2013) 

Kyle Rapps
Ungrateful (2013) 

Escape The Fate
You're Insane (2013) 

Escape The Fate
Apaga la Luz (2013) 

KO El Mas Completo
Life Cycles (2013) 

The Word Alive
Beautiful (2013) 

Share With Me (2013) 

The Proclamation (2013) 

The Underachievers
Don't Blow My High (2014) 

Zak Downtown
The Death of Me (2013) 

Asking Alexandria
Push Button (2006) 

Stolen Babies
Coco Puffs (2013) 

Kyle Rapps
A Month of Sunshine (2014) 

Fever Dreamer
Faces (2014) 

Adrian Lau
Break the Cycle (2014) 

For Today
Gloryhole (2014) 

Steel Panther
This Is The Time (Ba... (2014) 

Nothing More
Picture Perfect (2014) 

Escape The Fate
Talk Shit, Get Shot (2014) 

Body Count
Hot Music (2014) 

H@ze Mahdi
TO NA BI (2014) 

Persian Empire
Want It All (2014) 

Swing The Noose (2015) 

36 Crazyfists
Deathless Light (2015) 

Vinnie Paz
Highway (2016) 

Straitjacket Supermo... (2013) 

Eve to Adam
Death of the Soul (2010) 

The Judas Syndrome
... And Hell Followe... (2011) 

Just A Memory (2015) 

Escape The Fate
Star Signs / GENERAT... (2015) 

The Underachievers
Become The Storm (2018) 

Dee Snider

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