Zach Merck Playlist

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Inspiration on Deman... (2004) 

Shadows Fall
Our Truth (2006) 

Lacuna Coil
Enlightened By The C... (2004) 

Shadows Fall
In Effigy (2006) 

Shadows Fall
Closer (2006) 

Lacuna Coil
Enjoy the Silence (2006) 

Lacuna Coil
What Drives the Weak... (2004) 

Shadows Fall
Destroyer of Senses (2002) 

Shadows Fall
Stutter (2003) 

Haste (2)
The Idiot Box (2003) 

Shadows Fall
I'm Alive (Life Soun... (2013) 

Michael Franti
Come All You Weary (2008) 

Into The Ocean (2006) 

Blue October
Piss (2012) 

Let Go (2011) 

Brighton Beach (2013) 

Rod Stewart
Kill to Believe (2006) 

Bleeding Through
A Year and a Smile (2001) 

Reach The Sky
Concubine/Fault and ... (2002) 

Forever Again (2003) 

Sunday Driver
Julia (2003) 

This Time's For Real... (2004) 

Ill Niño
At The End of August... (2004) 

36 Crazyfists
Eagles Become Vultur... (2005) 

I Let Go (2005) 

Eighteen Visions
Love to Let You Down... (2005) 

Life Of Agony
Sunshine Highway (2005) 

Dropkick Murphys
Happens All the Time... (2005) 

Cold (4)
Are You With Me? 

Get Stoned (2006) 

Do You Remember (2006) 

The Summer Obsession
True North (2013) 

Bad Religion
Situations (2007) 

Escape The Fate
Redemption (2007) 

Shadows Fall
Blow it Out (2005) 

Features, The
Good Girls, Bad Guys... (2012) 

Falling In Reverse
The Drug in Me Is Yo... (2011) 

Falling In Reverse
I'm Not a Vampire (2011) 

Falling In Reverse
Love in Slow Motion (2006) 

Bleeding Through
Every Breath (2010) 

Boyce Avenue
Fading Away (2007) 

Demon Hunter
Enemies of Reality (2003) 

The Flood (2008) 

Escape The Fate
Something (2009) 

Escape The Fate
Isabel (2009) 

Frank Turner
Doses & Mimosas (2014) 

Incredible (2014) 

Céline Dion
Hollywood (2007) 

Collective Soul
Everywhere I Go (Kin... (2014) 

New Politics

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