Promote On IMVDb

Promote your production company, record label, or other company involved in music video production to the music video professionals who use IMVDb every day.

Highlight Your Company's Involvement on Video Pages

Display your logo, bio, and a link to your IMVDb page on any videos that your company is credited as a Production Company or Record Label on.

Place an Ad the IMVDb Home Page/Blog

Display an ad on our two most visted pages: the IMVDb Home Page and the IMVDb Blog. You can upload your own 150px x 150px ad and also supply a custom URL for the ad to link to.

New Release Blog Posts

For each of your company's new releases, IMVDb will post a New Release blog post on the IMVDb Blog featuring the credits, company logo, and video embed.


We like to keep it simple - we have two plans for promoting on IMVDb.


Pro Plan$45/month$125 for 3 months
$450 for 1 year

  • Company logo on each video your company has a production company/label credit for.
  • Logo advertisement (150px x 150px) on IMVDb blog.
  • Logo advertisement (150px x 150px) on IMVDb home page.

Sponsor Plan$99/month$270 for 3 months
$1,000 for 1 year

  • Pro Plan features, plus:
  • Blog post on the IMVDb blog for each new video release by your company.
  • New Releases included on the monthly IMVDb email newsletter.

Sign Up

1. Apply to Manage a Page on IMVDb

To get started, Log In or Sign Up for an IMVDb account. If you represent a company with an IMVDb page, you can then apply to manage it.

2. Sign Up for a Plan

Once you've gotten access to the IMVDb page you want to promote, click on the Page Admin and click Promote. Select the plan you want, upload your ad image, and you're done!