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Tokio Hotel '1000 Meere' music video

1000 Meere (2007)

Tokio Hotel

Placebo 'A Million Little Pieces' music video

A Million Little Pieces (Version 1) (2014)


Eto 'Again' music video

Again (2011)


Easter 'Alien Babies' music video

Alien Babies (2012)


Within Temptation 'All I Need' music video

All I Need (2007)

Within Temptation

Leningrad Cowboys 'All We Need Is Love' music video

All We Need Is Love (2011)

Leningrad Cowboys

The Headlines 'Alles Was War' music video

Alles Was War (2014)

The Headlines

Rammstein 'Amerika' music video

Amerika (2004)


Tokio Hotel 'An deiner Seite (Ich bin da)' music video

An deiner Seite (Ich bin da) (2007)

Tokio Hotel

Gigi D'Agostino 'Another Way' music video

Another Way (2000)

Gigi D'Agostino

Director: Stephan Müller, Jörg Thommes

Scooter 'Apache Rocks the Bottom!' music video

Apache Rocks the Bottom! (2005)


Exilia 'Are You Breathing' music video

Are You Breathing (2008)


The Exploding Voids 'As It Comes' music video

As It Comes (2013)

The Exploding Voids

Adel Tawil 'Aschenflug' music video

Aschenflug (2013)

Adel Tawil

Mark Forster 'Au Revoire' music video

Au Revoire (2014)

Mark Forster

Andreas Bourani 'Auf uns' music video

Auf uns (2014)

Andreas Bourani

Director: Kim Frank

Locrian 'Augury In An Evaporating Tower' music video

Augury In An Evaporating Tower


Missincat 'Back on My Feet' music video

Back on My Feet (2009)


Rammstein 'Benzin' music video

Benzin (2005)


Guano Apes 'Big In Japan' music video

Big In Japan (2000)

Guano Apes

Director: Erçin Filizli

Gigi D'Agostino 'Bla Bla Bla' music video

Bla Bla Bla (2000)

Gigi D'Agostino

Director: Andreas Hykade, Ged Haney

Crematory 'Black Celebration' music video

Black Celebration (2010)


Die Toten Hosen 'Bonnie & Clyde' music video

Bonnie & Clyde (1996)

Die Toten Hosen

Tokio Hotel 'Boy Don't Cry' music video

Boy Don't Cry (2017)

Tokio Hotel

Motörhead 'Brave New World' music video

Brave New World (2002)


Guano Apes 'Break the Line' music video

Break the Line (2004)

Guano Apes

The Megaphonic Thrift 'Broken Glass / Yellow Fingers' music video

Broken Glass / Yellow Fingers (2012)

The Megaphonic Thrift

Tokio Hotel 'By Your Side' music video

By Your Side (2007)

Tokio Hotel

Exilia 'Can't Break Me Down' music video

Can't Break Me Down (2005)


Missincat 'Capita' music video

Capita (Version 1) (2011)


Missincat 'Capita' music video

Capita (Version 2) (2011)


Captain Jack 'Captain Jack' music video

Captain Jack (1995)

Captain Jack

Emika 'Centuries' music video

Centuries (2013)


Bondage Fairies 'Clone' music video

Clone (2012)

Bondage Fairies

Egokind & Clear Void 'Closer' music video

Closer (2014)

Egokind & Clear Void

Exilia 'Coincidence' music video

Coincidence (2004)


Lacrimosa 'Copycat' music video

Copycat (1995)


Maximilian Hecker 'Court My Eyes Alone' music video

Court My Eyes Alone (2010)

Maximilian Hecker

Donkeyboy 'Crazy Something Normal' music video

Crazy Something Normal (2014)


Silje Nes 'Crystals' music video

Crystals (2011)

Silje Nes

Nina (10) 'C´est fini' music video

C´est fini (2012)

Nina (10)

Makro Zoo 'Dance' music video

Dance (2014)

Makro Zoo

Maximilian Hecker 'Daylight' music video

Daylight (2003)

Maximilian Hecker

Lacuna Coil 'Delirium' music video

Delirium (2016)

Lacuna Coil

Junksista 'Department Store' music video

Department Store (2012)


Tokio Hotel 'Der letzte Tag' music video

Der letzte Tag (2006)

Tokio Hotel

Marius Müller-Westernhagen 'Die Alphatier Trilogie' music video

Die Alphatier Trilogie (2014)

Marius Müller-Westernhagen

Joachim Witt 'Die Flut' music video

Die Flut (1998)

Joachim Witt

OOMPH! 'Die Schlinge' music video

Die Schlinge (2006)


Teesy 'Dieses Haus' music video

Dieses Haus (2012)