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Placebo 'Life's What You Make It' music video Life's What You Make It (2017) Director: Sasha Rainbow
Placebo 'Life's What You Make It' music video Life's What You Make It (2017)
Placebo 'Jesus Son' music video Jesus Son (2016) Director: Joe Connor
Production Company: Chief Productions
Placebo 'A Million Little Pieces' music video A Million Little Pieces (2014) Director: Ben Reed
Placebo 'Loud Like Love' music video Loud Like Love (2014) Director: Saman Kesh
Production Company: 890 Productions
Placebo 'Bosco' music video Bosco (2014) Director: Kyle Salazar
Production Company: High5Collective
Placebo 'Begin the End' music video Begin the End (2014) Director: Piper Ferguson
Production Company: Dreamseek Entertainment
Placebo 'Purify' music video Purify (2014) Directors: A.J. Gómez, Victoria Velarde
Production Company: GroovyChaos
Placebo 'Exit Wounds' music video Exit Wounds (2014) Director: Charlie Targett-Adams
Production Company: CTACTA
Placebo 'A Million Little Pieces' music video A Million Little Pieces (2014) Director: Wolf Jaiser
Production Companies: Videotape, The Memory Collective
Placebo 'Rob the Bank' music video Rob the Bank (2014) Directors: Diego Contreras, Dave Ramirez
Placebo 'Hold on to Me' music video Hold on to Me (2014) Director: Patrik Andersson Winberg
Production Company: Nice Little Picture
Placebo 'Too Many Friends' music video Too Many Friends (2014) Director: Duncan Roe
Production Company: Kode Media
Placebo 'Scene of the Crime' music video Scene of the Crime (2014) Directors: Rebecca Rice, UFO Label
Production Company: UFO Label
Placebo 'Too Many Friends' music video Too Many Friends (2013) Director: Saman Kesh
Placebo 'B3' music video B3 (2012) Director: Eric Epstein
Production Company: Nice + Polite
Placebo 'Bright Lights' music video Bright Lights (2010) Director: Heroes For Zeroes
Placebo 'Ashtray Heart' music video Ashtray Heart (2009) Director: Rob Chandler
Placebo 'The Never-Ending Why' music video The Never-Ending Why (2009) Director: Champagne Valentine
Placebo 'For What It's Worth' music video For What It's Worth (2009) Director: Howard Greenhalgh
Production Company: Crossroads Films
Placebo 'Running Up That Hill' music video Running Up That Hill (2007)
Placebo 'Meds' music video Meds (2006) Director: David Mould
Placebo 'Infra-Red' music video Infra-Red (2006) Director: Ed Holdsworth
Placebo 'Song to Say Goodbye' music video Song to Say Goodbye (2006) Director: Phillipe André
Placebo 'Because I Want You' music video Because I Want You (2006) Director: Russell Thomas (2)
Placebo 'Follow the Cops Back Home' music video Follow the Cops Back Home (2006) Director: Daniel Askill
Production Company: Radical Media
Placebo 'Twenty Years' music video Twenty Years (2004) Director: Simon Cracknell
Placebo 'Protège-Moi' music video Protège-Moi (2004) Director: Gaspar Noé
Placebo 'English Summer Rain' music video English Summer Rain (2004) Director: Grégoire Pinard
Placebo 'Special Needs' music video Special Needs (2003) Director: Paul Gore
Placebo 'This Picture' music video This Picture (2003) Director: Howard Greenhalgh
Placebo 'The Bitter End' music video The Bitter End (2003) Director: Howard Greenhalgh
Placebo 'Black-Eyed' music video Black-Eyed (2001) Director: Vanessa Jopp
Placebo 'Special K' music video Special K (2001) Director: Howard Greenhalgh
Production Company: Godman
Placebo 'Slave to the wage' music video Slave to the wage (2000) Director: Howard Greenhalgh
Production Company: Godman
Placebo 'Taste In Men' music video Taste In Men (2000) Director: Barbara McDonough
Production Company: Partizan
Placebo 'Every You Every Me' music video Every You Every Me (1999) Director: Matthew Amos
Placebo 'Without You I'm Nothing' music video Without You I'm Nothing (1998)
Placebo 'You Don't Care About Us' music video You Don't Care About Us (1998) Director: John Hillcoat
Placebo 'Pure Morning' music video Pure Morning (1998) Director: Nick Gordon
Placebo 'Teenage Angst' music video Teenage Angst (1997) Director: Trevor Robinson
Placebo 'Nancy Boy' music video Nancy Boy (1997) Director: Howard Greenhalgh
Placebo 'Bruise Pristine' music video Bruise Pristine (1997) Director: Howard Greenhalgh
Placebo '36 Degrees' music video 36 Degrees (1996) Director: Chris Cunningham
Placebo 'Come Home' music video Come Home (1996) Director: Robert Lloyd

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