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The True Reveal (2013) - In Production
Avicii 'Lonely Together' music video Lonely Together (2017) Director: Levan Tsikurishvili
Production Companies: Opa People, 23/32 Films
Co-Director: Phillip R Lopez
Avicii 'Broken Arrows' music video Broken Arrows (2015) Production Company: Collaboration Factory
Director: Julius Onah
Avicii 'Pure Grinding' music video Pure Grinding (2015)
Avicii 'For A Better Day' music video For A Better Day (2015)
Avicii 'Feeling Good' music video Feeling Good (2015)
Avicii 'Waiting For Love' music video Waiting For Love (2015) Director: Sebastian Ringler
Avicii 'The Nights' music video The Nights (2014)
Avicii 'Divine Sorrow' music video Divine Sorrow (2014)
Avicii 'The Days' music video The Days (2014) Director: Jesper Eriksson
Avicii 'Hey Brother' music video Hey Brother (2014) Directors: Nick "Nicky" Fung, Nate Olson
Avicii 'Addicted To You' music video Addicted To You (2014) Director: Sebastian Ringler
Avicii 'Hey Brother' music video Hey Brother (2013) Director: Jesse S
Production Company: BLVD Industries
Avicii 'Hey Brother / You Make Me / Wake Me Up' music video Hey Brother / You Make Me / Wake Me Up (2013) Directors: Spike Jonze, Chris Milk
Avicii 'You Make Me' music video You Make Me (2013) Director: Sebastian Ringler
Avicii 'Wake Me Up' music video Wake Me Up (2013) Directors: Mark Seliger, C.B. Miller
Avicii 'I Could Be The One (Nicktim)' music video I Could Be The One (Nicktim) (2012) Director: Peter Huang
Production Company: Mad Ruk Entertainment
Avicii 'Superlove' music video Superlove (2012) Production Company: Fallout Entertainment
Director: Rich Ragsdale
Avicii 'Silhouettes' music video Silhouettes (2012) Co-Directors: Victor Köhler, David Dworsky
Avicii 'Levels' music video Levels (2011)

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