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Nayan 'DrNk TeXtIn' music video DrNk TeXtIn (2015)
Directors: Damien Sandoval, Nayan
Against The Current 'Dreaming Alone' music video Dreaming Alone (2015)
Against The Current
Production Company: Robby Starbuck Media
Director: Dillon Novak
Basic Vacation 'I Believe' music video I Believe (2014)
Basic Vacation
Director: Ben Fee
Production Company: Scandinavia
Sonny 'Not Gonna Leave Her Alone' music video Not Gonna Leave Her Alone (2013)
Directors: Sonny, Maximillian Schmige
Everfound 'God Of The Impossible' music video God Of The Impossible (2013)
Production Company: Robby Starbuck Media
Director: Dillon Novak
Kat Krazy 'Siren' music video Siren (2013)
Kat Krazy
Director: Edward Drake
Protohype 'Fly' music video Fly (2013)
Production Company: Always Empty Creative
Director: Garrett Danz
Lily Kershaw 'As It Seems' music video As It Seems (2013)
Lily Kershaw
Director: Ben Fee
7Lions 'Taking Over' music video Taking Over (2013)
Director: Mikey Easterling
Production Company: Talkboy TV
The-Dream 'Too Early' music video Too Early (2013)
Directors: Stephen Garnett, Damien Sandoval
Sallie Ford & The Sound Outside 'They Told Me' music video They Told Me (2013)
Sallie Ford & The Sound Outside
Director: Ben Fee
Booba 'Turfu' music video Turfu (2013)
Director: Chris Macari
Itch 'Best Shot' music video Best Shot (2013)
Director: The Rads
Bob Sinclar 'Summer Moonlight' music video Summer Moonlight (2013)
Bob Sinclar
Director: Benjamin Kutsko
MaeDea 'If You Needed Me' music video If You Needed Me (2013)
Director: Beau Patrick Coulon
Watsky 'Tiny Glowing Screens Part 1' music video Tiny Glowing Screens Part 1 (2013)
Director: Jackson Adams
Caitlin Linney 'Home' music video Home (2013)
Caitlin Linney
Director: Nico Raineau
Fit For A King 'Hollow King (Sound of the End)' music video Hollow King (Sound of the End) (2013)
Fit For A King
Director: Ryan Valdez
Production Company: Robby Starbuck Media
Douglas Kim 'I'm Asian American' music video I'm Asian American (2013)
Douglas Kim
Director: Kevin Boston
Dean Brody 'Underneath The Apple Trees' music video Underneath The Apple Trees (2013)
Dean Brody
Director: Stephano Barberis
Hailey Rowe 'My Boyfriend is Gay' music video My Boyfriend is Gay (2013)
Hailey Rowe
Director: Kevin Boston
I Am War 'Uninvite Me To Your Facebook Party' music video Uninvite Me To Your Facebook Party (2012)
I Am War
Director: Dillon Novak
Production Company: Robby Starbuck Media
Brother Ali 'Mourning In America' music video Mourning In America (2012)
Brother Ali
Director: Todd Angkasuwan
Margaux Avril 'Lunatique' music video Lunatique (2012)
Margaux Avril
Jamm1n 'Sunday Funday' music video Sunday Funday (2010)
Director: Ace Fillmore
Vertigo 'Ashes Ashes' music video Ashes Ashes
Production Company: Robby Starbuck Media
Director: Dillon Novak

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