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Danko Jones 'My Little RnR' music video My Little RnR (2017)
Danko Jones
Director: Nick Sewell
Pyogenesis 'I Have Seen My Soul' music video I Have Seen My Soul (2017)
Crystal Viper 'When The Sun Goes Down' music video When The Sun Goes Down (2017)
Crystal Viper
Bloodbound 'Battle In The Sky' music video Battle In The Sky (2017)
Helion Prime 'Life Finds A Way' music video Life Finds A Way (2017)
Helion Prime
We Butter The Bread With Butter 'Klicks. Likes. Fame. Geil!' music video Klicks. Likes. Fame. Geil! (2017)
We Butter The Bread With Butter
Pyogenesis 'Every Man For Himself... And God Against All' music video Every Man For Himself... And God Against All (2017)
Director: Peter Tokay
Mors Principium Est 'Apprentice Of Death' music video Apprentice Of Death (2017)
Mors Principium Est
Mors Principium Est 'Reclaim The Sun' music video Reclaim The Sun (2016)
Mors Principium Est
Firewind 'Ode To Leonidas' music video Ode To Leonidas (2016)
Letzte Instanz 'Weiß wie der Schnee' music video Weiß wie der Schnee (2016)
Letzte Instanz
Directors: Matteo VDiva Fabbiani, Chiara Cherami
Crystal Viper 'The Witch Is Back' music video The Witch Is Back (2016)
Crystal Viper
Production Company: Grupa 13
Burning Point 'The King Is Dead, Long Live The King' music video The King Is Dead, Long Live The King (2016)
Burning Point
Director: Erkka Immonen
Words Of Farewell 'Gaia Demise' music video Gaia Demise (2016)
Words Of Farewell
Evergrey 'In Orbit' music video In Orbit (2016)
Director: Patric Ullaeus
Production Company: rEvolver
Letzte Instanz 'Tränen aus Stein' music video Tränen aus Stein (2016)
Letzte Instanz
21 Octayne 'Addicted to Thrill' music video Addicted to Thrill (2016)
21 Octayne
Ektomorf 'Aggressor' music video Aggressor (2016)
Evergrey 'The Grand Collapse' music video The Grand Collapse (2014)
Director: Patric Ullaeus
Evergrey 'King Of Errors' music video King Of Errors (2014)
Director: Patric Ullaeus
Production Company: rEvolver
Ministry 'PermaWar' music video PermaWar (2013)
Director: Zach Passero
Wolfpakk 'Dark Revelation' music video Dark Revelation (2013)
Helker 'Flying' music video Flying (2013)
Directors: Cristian E. Trefny, Luis Lucchesi
A Life Divided 'Space' music video Space (2013)
A Life Divided
Masterplan (2) 'Keep Your Dream Alive' music video Keep Your Dream Alive (2013)
Masterplan (2)
U.D.O. (2) 'Metal Machine' music video Metal Machine (2013)
U.D.O. (2)
Suidakra 'March Of Conquest' music video March Of Conquest (2013)
Director: David Thelen
Stahlmann 'Schwarz' music video Schwarz (2013)
Gama Bomb 'Terrorscope' music video Terrorscope (2013)
Gama Bomb
Director: Sean Duncan
Bloodbound 'In The Name Of Metal' music video In The Name Of Metal (2012)
Brainstorm 'In These Walls' music video In These Walls (2011)
Director: Jan Radt
Masterplan (2) 'Time To Be King' music video Time To Be King (2010)
Masterplan (2)
Director: Joschka Laukeninks
Exilia 'In the Air Tonight' music video In the Air Tonight (2009)
Director: Salvatore Perrone
Exilia 'Are You Breathing' music video Are You Breathing (2008)
Director: Tobias Dannappel
Production Company: Schallpark GmbH & Co. KG
Theatre Of Tragedy 'Storm' music video Storm (2006)
Theatre Of Tragedy
Production Company: AVA Studios
Director: Alex Diezinger
Masterplan (2) 'Back For My Life' music video Back For My Life (2005)
Masterplan (2)
Masterplan (2) 'Enlighten Me' music video Enlighten Me (2003)
Masterplan (2)

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