Alex Pacion

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Production Designer Videography (5)

Justin Timberlake 'Take Back The Night' music video Take Back The Night (2013)
Justin Timberlake
Directors: Jeff Nicholas, Jonathan Craven, Darren Craig
Production Company: The Uprising Creative
Demi Lovato 'Made in the USA' music video Made in the USA (2013)
Demi Lovato
Directors: Demi Lovato, Ryan Pallotta
Production Company: BHC Films
Nickelback 'Lullaby' music video Lullaby (2012)
Director: Nigel Dick
Production Company: DNA, Inc.
Beyoncé 'Party' music video Party (2011)
Director: Alan Ferguson
Production Company: London Alley Entertainment
Alicia Keys 'Unbreakable' music video Unbreakable (2005)
Alicia Keys
Director: Justin Francis
Production Company: HSI Productions