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G.E.M. 'AWAY' music video AWAY (2015)
Director: Jeff Nicholas
Fort Minor 'Welcome' music video Welcome (2015)
Fort Minor
Director: Jeff Nicholas
Five Knives 'Savages' music video Savages (2015)
Five Knives
Director: Martin & Nick
Rihanna 'American Oxygen' music video American Oxygen (2015)
Directors: Jonathan Craven, Jeff Nicholas, Darren Craig, Rihanna
Nicky Jam 'El Perdón' music video El Perdón (2015)
Nicky Jam
Directors: Jonathan Craven, Darren Craig
Big Sean 'Blessings' music video Blessings (2015)
Big Sean
Director: Darren Craig
OFF! 'Meet Your God' music video Meet Your God (2014)
Director: Jimmy Hayward
OFF! 'Over Our Heads' music video Over Our Heads (2014)
Director: Jimmy Hayward
Kid Ink 'Body Language' music video Body Language (2014)
Kid Ink
Director: Darren Craig
Afroman 'Because I Got High (Positive Remix)' music video Because I Got High (Positive Remix) (2014)
Directors: Morgan Freed, Brian Schopfel
Lil' Jon 'Bend Ova' music video Bend Ova (2014)
Lil' Jon
Director: Darren Craig
Slipknot 'The Negative One' music video The Negative One (2014)
Directors: Shawn Crahan, Darren Craig
Afrojack 'Dynamite' music video Dynamite (2014)
Director: Darren Craig
Jason Mraz 'We Can Take The Long Way' music video We Can Take The Long Way (2014)
Jason Mraz
Directors: Jeff Nicholas, Jonathan Craven
Justin Timberlake 'Not A Bad Thing' music video Not A Bad Thing (2014)
Justin Timberlake
Camila 'Decidiste Dejarme' music video Decidiste Dejarme (2014)
Directors: Jeff Nicholas, Jonathan Craven
Cher Lloyd 'Sirens' music video Sirens (2014)
Cher Lloyd
Director: Darren Craig
Priyanka Chopra 'I Can't Make You Love Me' music video I Can't Make You Love Me (2014)
Priyanka Chopra
Directors: Jeff Nicholas, Jonathan Craven
Olivia Holt 'Carry On' music video Carry On (2014)
Olivia Holt
Directors: Jeff Nicholas, Darren Craig, Jonathan Craven
Shakira 'Empire' music video Empire (2014)
Directors: Darren Craig, Jonathan Craven, Jeff Nicholas
Owen Pallett 'The Riverbed' music video The Riverbed (2014)
Owen Pallett
Director: Eva Michon
Night Terrors of 1927 'Dust And Bones' music video Dust And Bones (2014)
Night Terrors of 1927
Director: Darren Craig
Rihanna 'What Now' music video What Now (2013)
Directors: Darren Craig, Jeff Nicholas, Jonathan Craven
Louise Burns 'Jasper' music video Jasper (2013)
Louise Burns
Director: Claire Edmondson
Justin Timberlake 'Take Back The Night' music video Take Back The Night (2013)
Justin Timberlake
Directors: Jeff Nicholas, Jonathan Craven, Darren Craig
Justin Timberlake 'Tunnel Vision' music video Tunnel Vision (2013)
Justin Timberlake
Directors: Jonathan Craven, Simon McLoughlin, Jeff Nicholas
Ke$ha 'Crazy Kids' music video Crazy Kids (2013)
Director: Darren Craig
Seether 'Pass Slowly' music video Pass Slowly (2013)
Director: Darren Craig
Mt Eden 'Sierra Leone' music video Sierra Leone (2013)
Mt Eden
Director: Simon McLoughlin
Ke$ha 'C'Mon' music video C'Mon (2013)
Director: Darren Craig
Ke$ha 'Die Young' music video Die Young (2012)
Director: Darren Craig

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Alicia Keys 'New Day' music video New Day (2013)
Alicia Keys
Director: Indrani
Note: for use of footage from the New Day Official Lyric Video

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