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Aurora 'Daydreamer' music video Daydreamer (2020)
Aurora 'Exist For Love' music video Exist For Love (2020) Director: Aurora
Aurora 'Apple Tree' music video Apple Tree (2019) Director: Rianne White
Production Company: Partizan
Aurora 'The River' music video The River (2019) Director: Nick Walters
Production Company: Siren Productions
Aurora 'The Seed' music video The Seed (2019) Director: Michael Hili
Aurora 'Animal' music video Animal (2019) Director: Tim Mattia
Aurora 'Queendom' music video Queendom (2018) Director: Kinga Burza
Production Company: Forever Pictures
Aurora 'Winter Bird' music video Winter Bird (2016) Director: Simon Thirlaway
Aurora 'I Went Too Far' music video I Went Too Far (2016) Director: Arni & Kinski
Production Company: Wondros
Aurora 'Conqueror' music video Conqueror (2016) Director: Kenny McCracken
Aurora 'Half The World Away' music video Half The World Away (2015) Director: Kenny McCracken
Aurora 'Murder Song (5,4,3,2,1)' music video Murder Song (5,4,3,2,1) (2015) Director: Kenny McCracken
Aurora 'Running With The Wolves' music video Running With The Wolves (2015) Director: Scratch
Aurora 'Runaway' music video Runaway (2015) Director: Kenny McCracken

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