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Bastille 'Quarter Past Midnight' music video Quarter Past Midnight (2018) Director: Austin Peters
Bastille 'World Gone Mad' music video World Gone Mad (2017) Directors: Brendan Vaughan, RJ Sanchez
Bastille 'Glory' music video Glory (2017) Director: Daniel Brereton
Bastille 'Blame' music video Blame (2016) Director: Elliott Sellers
Bastille 'Send Them Off!' music video Send Them Off! (2016)
Bastille 'Fake It' music video Fake It (2016) Director: Crooked Cynics
Bastille 'Good Grief' music video Good Grief (2016) Director: NYSU
Bastille 'Torn Apart' music video Torn Apart (2014) Director: Keith Schofield
Bastille 'Bad News' music video Bad News (2014) Director: Tom Middleton
Bastille 'Oblivion' music video Oblivion (2014) Director: Austin Peters
Bastille 'The Draw' music video The Draw (2013) Director: Crooked Cynics
Bastille 'Of The Night' music video Of The Night (2013) Director: Dave Ma
Bastille 'Things We Lost in the Fire' music video Things We Lost in the Fire (2013) Director: Naor Aloni
Production Company: Friend
Bastille 'Laura Palmer' music video Laura Palmer (2013) Director: Austin Peters
Production Company: Forever Pictures
Bastille 'Pompeii' music video Pompeii (2013) Director: Jesse John Jenkins
Production Company: Partizan
Bastille 'Overjoyed (Distance Remix)' music video Overjoyed (Distance Remix) (2012) Director: Jeff Reyes
Bastille 'Flaws' music video Flaws (2012) Director: Austin Peters
Production Company: Forever Pictures
Bastille 'Bad Blood' music video Bad Blood (2012) Director: Olivier Groulx
Bastille 'Get Home' music video Get Home (2011)
Bastille 'Overjoyed' music video Overjoyed (2011) Director: Courtney Phillips
Bastille 'What Would You Do?' music video What Would You Do? (2011)

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