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Bastille 'Revolution' music video Revolution (2022) Production Company: Three Shades
Director: Three Shades
Bastille 'Thelma + Louise' music video Thelma + Louise (2021) Director: Bal√°zs Simon
Production Company: Blinkink
Bastille 'Distorted Light Beam' music video Distorted Light Beam (2021) Director: Jak Payne
Production Company: Blink
Bastille 'Survivin'' music video Survivin' (2020) Director: Reza Dolatabadi
Bastille 'WHAT YOU GONNA DO???' music video WHAT YOU GONNA DO??? (2020) Director: Reza Dolatabadi
Bastille 'Another Place' music video Another Place (2019)
Bastille 'Bad Decisions' music video Bad Decisions (2019) Directors: Zac Ella, Emile Rafael
Bastille 'Those Nights' music video Those Nights (2019)
Bastille 'Doom Days' music video Doom Days (2019)
Bastille 'Quarter Past Midnight' music video Quarter Past Midnight (2018) Director: Austin Peters
Bastille 'World Gone Mad' music video World Gone Mad (2017) Directors: Brendan Vaughan, RJ Sanchez
Bastille 'Glory' music video Glory (2017) Director: Daniel Brereton
Bastille 'Blame' music video Blame (2016) Director: Elliott Sellers
Bastille 'Send Them Off!' music video Send Them Off! (2016)
Bastille 'Fake It' music video Fake It (2016) Director: Crooked Cynics
Bastille 'Good Grief' music video Good Grief (2016) Director: NYSU
Bastille 'Torn Apart' music video Torn Apart (2014) Director: Keith Schofield
Bastille 'Bad News' music video Bad News (2014) Director: Tom Middleton
Bastille 'Oblivion' music video Oblivion (2014) Director: Austin Peters
Bastille 'The Draw' music video The Draw (2013) Director: Crooked Cynics
Bastille 'Of The Night' music video Of The Night (2013) Director: Dave Ma
Bastille 'Things We Lost in the Fire' music video Things We Lost in the Fire (2013) Director: Naor Aloni
Production Company: Friend
Bastille 'Laura Palmer' music video Laura Palmer (2013) Director: Austin Peters
Production Company: Forever Pictures
Bastille 'Pompeii' music video Pompeii (2013) Director: Jesse John Jenkins
Production Company: Partizan
Bastille 'Overjoyed (Distance Remix)' music video Overjoyed (Distance Remix) (2012) Director: Jeff Reyes
Bastille 'Flaws' music video Flaws (2012) Director: Austin Peters
Production Company: Forever Pictures
Bastille 'Bad Blood' music video Bad Blood (2012) Director: Olivier Groulx
Bastille 'Get Home' music video Get Home (2011)
Bastille 'Overjoyed' music video Overjoyed (2011) Director: Courtney Phillips
Bastille 'What Would You Do?' music video What Would You Do? (2011)

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