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Big Country 'I'm Not Ashamed' music video I'm Not Ashamed (1995) Artist
Big Country 'Ships' music video Ships (1993) Artist
Beautiful People (1991) Artist
Republican Party Reptile (1991) Artist
Heart Of The World (1990) Artist
Save Me (1990) Artist
Peace In Our Time (1989) Artist
King Of Emotion (1988) Artist
Broken Heart (Thirteen Valleys) (1988) Artist
Big Country 'One Great Thing' music video One Great Thing (1986) Artist
Big Country 'Look Away' music video Look Away (1986) Artist
Just A Shadow (1985) Artist
Where The Rose Is Sown (1984) Artist
Big Country 'East Of Eden' music video East Of Eden (1984) Artist
Big Country 'Wonderland' music video Wonderland (1984) Artist
Chance (1983) Artist
Fields Of Fire (1983) Artist
Big Country 'In A Big Country' music video In A Big Country (1983) Artist
Big Country 'Fragile Thing' music video Fragile Thing Artist

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