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Cardi B 'Up' music video Up (2021) Director: Tanu Muino
Cardi B 'WAP' music video WAP (2020) Director: Colin Tilley
Production Company: BOY IN THE CASTLE
Cardi B 'Press' music video Press (2019) Director: Jora Frantzis
Cardi B 'Please Me' music video Please Me (2019) Directors: Bruno Mars, Florent Dechard
Cardi B 'Money' music video Money (2018) Director: Jora Frantzis
Production Company: OverScene
Cardi B 'Ring' music video Ring (2018) Director: Mike Ho
Cardi B 'I Like It' music video I Like It (2018) Director: Eif Rivera
Cardi B 'Be Careful' music video Be Careful (2018) Director: Jora Frantzis
Cardi B 'Bartier Cardi' music video Bartier Cardi (2018) Director: Petra Collins
Cardi B 'Bodak Yellow' music video Bodak Yellow (2017)
Cardi B 'Wash Poppin'' music video Wash Poppin' (2016) Director: Picture Perfect
Cardi B 'Foreva' music video Foreva (2016)
Cardi B 'Foreva' music video Foreva (2016) Director: Picture Perfect

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