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Charlie Puth 'Left and Right' music video Left and Right (2022) Director: Drew Kirsch
Charlie Puth 'Light Switch' music video Light Switch (2022)
Charlie Puth 'Cheating on You' music video Cheating on You (2019) Director: Tyler Yee
Production Company: SixTwentySix Productions
Charlie Puth 'Mother' music video Mother (2019) Director: Dawit N. M.
Production Company: Couscous Saumon
Charlie Puth 'I Warned Myself' music video I Warned Myself (2019) Director: Brendan Vaughan
Charlie Puth 'How Long' music video How Long (2017) Director: Emil Nava
Charlie Puth 'Attention' music video Attention (2017) Director: Emil Nava
Charlie Puth 'Dangerously' music video Dangerously (2016) Director: Aya Tanimura
Charlie Puth 'We Don't Talk Anymore' music video We Don't Talk Anymore (2016) Director: Phil Pinto
Charlie Puth 'Suffer (Vince Staples & AndreaLo Remix)' music video Suffer (Vince Staples & AndreaLo Remix) (2016)
Charlie Puth 'One Call Away (Coast To Coast Mix)' music video One Call Away (Coast To Coast Mix) (2015)
Charlie Puth 'One Call Away' music video One Call Away (2015)
Charlie Puth 'Marvin Gaye' music video Marvin Gaye (2015) Director: Marc Klasfeld
Charlie Puth 'L.U.V.' music video L.U.V. (2014) Director: Andrew Vallentine

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