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Christafari 'Beautiful' music video Beautiful (2017) Artist
Christafari 'Blessed Assurance' music video Blessed Assurance (2017) Artist
Christafari 'Clean Heart' music video Clean Heart (2016) Artist
Christafari 'Our God' music video Our God (2016) Artist
Christafari 'Know You More' music video Know You More (2016) Artist
Christafari 'Revelation Song' music video Revelation Song (2016) Artist
Christafari 'How Great Thou Art' music video How Great Thou Art (2016) Artist
Christafari 'One Thing Remains' music video One Thing Remains (2016) Artist
Christafari 'Holy Spirit' music video Holy Spirit (2016) Artist
Christafari 'Thy Kingdom Come' music video Thy Kingdom Come (2016) Artist
Christafari 'Lord You Are Good' music video Lord You Are Good (2016) Artist
Christafari 'Devotion' music video Devotion (2016) Artist
Christafari 'Amazing Grace' music video Amazing Grace (2016) Artist
Christafari '10,000 Reasons' music video 10,000 Reasons (2015) Artist
Christafari 'Atanikomboa' music video Atanikomboa (2015) Artist
Christafari 'Forever Reign' music video Forever Reign (2015) Artist
Christafari 'Valley of Decision' music video Valley of Decision (2015) Artist
Christafari 'Selah' music video Selah (2015) Artist
Christafari 'Angels We Have Heard On High' music video Angels We Have Heard On High (2014) Artist
Christafari 'Oceans (Where Feet May Fail)' music video Oceans (Where Feet May Fail) (2014) Artist
Christafari 'Yeshua' music video Yeshua (2014) Artist
Christafari 'How Great is Our God' music video How Great is Our God (2014) Artist
Christafari 'Mele Kalikimaka' music video Mele Kalikimaka (2013) Artist
Christafari 'Here I Am To Worship' music video Here I Am To Worship (2013) Artist
Christafari 'He is Greater Than I' music video He is Greater Than I (2013) Artist
Christafari 'Hosanna' music video Hosanna (2013) Artist

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