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Chvrches 'Over' music video Over (2023) Director: Leah Barylsky
Chvrches 'Good Girls' music video Good Girls (2021) Director: Scott Kiernan
Chvrches 'How Not To Drown' music video How Not To Drown (2021) Director: Scott Kiernan
Chvrches 'He Said She Said' music video He Said She Said (2021) Director: Scott Kiernan
Chvrches 'Graffiti' music video Graffiti (2018) Director: Rare Henderson
Chvrches 'Miracle' music video Miracle (2018) Director: Warren Fu
Chvrches 'Down Side Of Me (Live)' music video Down Side Of Me (Live) (2017) Director: Kristen Stewart
Chvrches 'Bury It' music video Bury It (2016)
Chvrches 'Clearest Blue' music video Clearest Blue (2016) Director: Warren Fu
Production Company: Partizan
Chvrches 'Empty Threat' music video Empty Threat (2015) Director: Austin Peters
Production Companies: Forever Pictures, Radical Media
Chvrches 'Leave A Trace' music video Leave A Trace (2015) Directors: Warren Du Preez, Nick Thornton Jones
Chvrches 'Under The Tide' music video Under The Tide (2014) Director: Sing J. Lee
Chvrches 'Lies' music video Lies (2013) Director: Sing J. Lee
Chvrches 'The Mother We Share' music video The Mother We Share (2013) Director: Sing J. Lee
Production Company: Chief Productions
Chvrches 'Gun' music video Gun (2013) Director: PENSACOLA
Production Company: Forever Pictures
Chvrches 'Recover' music video Recover (2013)

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