Derek Brin


as Director of Photography (5)

N.I.C. 'Ride Out' music video Ride Out (2016)
Director: Derek Brin
Production Company: Fierce Media
V Bozeman 'What Is Love (Remix)' music video What Is Love (Remix) (2015)
V Bozeman
Director: MILCvision
Production Company: TEMPO Productions
Kevin Lyttle 'Bum Bum' music video Bum Bum (2015)
Kevin Lyttle
Director: MILCvision
Mayou 'Anything For Your Love' music video Anything For Your Love (2015)
Director: Derek Brin
Benjai 'Phenomenal' music video Phenomenal (2015)
Director: MILCvision

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