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Dizzy Wright 'False Reality' music video False Reality (2015) Directors: Fredo Tovar, Scott Fleishman
Dizzy Wright 'I Need Answers' music video I Need Answers (2014) Director: Ryan Pinkall
Dizzy Wright 'State Of Mind' music video State Of Mind (2014) Director: Ryan Pinkall
Dizzy Wright 'Reunite For The Night' music video Reunite For The Night (2014) Director: Matt Alonzo
Production Company: Modern Artists Creative
Dizzy Wright 'Everywhere I Go' music video Everywhere I Go (2014) Director: Jakob Owens
Dizzy Wright 'The Perspective' music video The Perspective (2014) Director: Matt Alonzo
Dizzy Wright 'World Peace' music video World Peace (2013) Director: George Orozco
Dizzy Wright 'Cant Stop Wont Stop' music video Cant Stop Wont Stop (2013) Director: Geeezy Smith
Dizzy Wright 'Put Me In The Game' music video Put Me In The Game (2013) Director: Tay Price
Production Company: Tay Price Films
Dizzy Wright 'The First Agreement' music video The First Agreement (2013) Director: George Orozco
Dizzy Wright 'Fly High' music video Fly High (2012) Director: George Orozco
Dizzy Wright 'Independent Living' music video Independent Living (2012) Director: Chris Le

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