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Feist 'Century' music video Century (2017) Artist
Feist 'Pleasure' music video Pleasure (2017) Artist
Peaches 'I Mean Something' music video I Mean Something (2015)
Featured Artist
Kevin Drew 'You In Your Were' music video You In Your Were (2014)
Kevin Drew
Featured Artist
Feist 'Graveyard' music video Graveyard (2012) Artist
Mastodon 'A Commotion' music video A Commotion (2012)
Featured Artist
Feist 'Anti-Pioneer' music video Anti-Pioneer (2012) Artist
Feist 'Bittersweet Melodies' music video Bittersweet Melodies (2012) Artist
Feist 'The Bad In Each Other' music video The Bad In Each Other (2012) Artist
Feist 'How Come You Never Go There' music video How Come You Never Go There (2011) Artist
Feist 'Honey Honey' music video Honey Honey (2008) Artist
Feist 'I Feel It All' music video I Feel It All (2008) Artist
Feist '1234' music video 1234 (2007) Artist
Feist 'My Moon My Man' music video My Moon My Man (2007) Artist
Feist 'Mushaboom' music video Mushaboom (2005) Artist
Feist 'Inside and Out' music video Inside and Out (2004) Artist
Feist 'One Evening' music video One Evening (2004) Artist

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