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David Guetta 'Bang My Head' music video Bang My Head (2015)
David Guetta
Featured Artist
K Camp '1Hunnid' music video 1Hunnid (2015)
K Camp
Featured Artist
Ty Dolla $ign 'When I See Ya' music video When I See Ya (2015)
Ty Dolla $ign
Featured Artist
Fetty Wap 'My Way' music video My Way (2015) Director
Lil Dicky '$ave Dat Money' music video $ave Dat Money (2015)
Lil Dicky
Featured Artist
Natalie La Rose 'Around The World' music video Around The World (2015)
Natalie La Rose
Featured Artist
Fetty Wap 'Zoo' music video Zoo (2015) Artist
DJ Khaled 'Gold Slugs' music video Gold Slugs (2015)
DJ Khaled
Featured Artist

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in 2016 (3)

Tiffany Evans 'On Sight' music video On Sight (2016)
Tiffany Evans
Featured Artist
Fifth Harmony 'All In My Head (Flex)' music video All In My Head (Flex) (2016)
Fifth Harmony
Featured Artist
Fetty Wap 'Wake Up' music video Wake Up (2016) Artist

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in 2014 (1)

in 2017 (1)

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