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Filter 'Happy Together' music video Happy Together (2015) Director: August Bradley
Production Company: GLASS Media Lab
Filter 'Surprise' music video Surprise (2014)
Filter 'What Do You Say' music video What Do You Say (2013) Director: Kyle Thrash
Filter 'Gimme All Your Lovin'' music video Gimme All Your Lovin' (2011) Director: P.R. Brown
Filter 'The Inevitable Relapse' music video The Inevitable Relapse (2010) Director: Jesus M. Rodriguez
Filter 'No Love' music video No Love (2010) Director: Mark Racco
Filter 'Fades Like a Photograph' music video Fades Like a Photograph (2010) Director: Mark Racco
Filter 'Soldiers of Misfortune' music video Soldiers of Misfortune (2008) Director: Evan Lane
Filter 'Where Do We Go from Here?' music video Where Do We Go from Here? (2002) Directors: Alexander Kosta, Richard Patrick
Filter 'American Cliché' music video American Cliché (2002) Director: Ralf Strathmenn
Filter 'The Best Things' music video The Best Things (2000) Directors: Peter Christopherson, Richard Patrick
Filter 'Take a Picture' music video Take a Picture (1999) Director: Dave Meyers
Filter 'Welcome to the Fold' music video Welcome to the Fold (1999) Director: Peter Christopherson
Filter 'One' music video One (1998) Director: Martin Weisz
Filter '(Can't You) Trip Like I Do' music video (Can't You) Trip Like I Do (1997) Director: Floria Sigismondi
Production Companies: U-Ground, Revolver Films
Filter 'Jurassitol' music video Jurassitol (1996) Director: Dean Karr
Stuck in Here (1996) Director: John Cook
Production Company: No-Fi Pictures
Filter 'Hey Man, Nice Shot' music video Hey Man, Nice Shot (1995) Director: Kevin Kerslake
Filter 'Dose' music video Dose (1995) Director: Kevin Kerslake
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