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Blake Shelton 'Nobody But You' music video Nobody But You (2020)
Blake Shelton
Director: Sophie Muller
Disturbed 'A Reason To Fight' music video A Reason To Fight (2018)
Director: Matt Mahurin
Disturbed 'Are You Ready?' music video Are You Ready? (2018)
Director: Roboshobo
Production Company: Unicorns & Unicorns
Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers 'Keep A Little Soul' music video Keep A Little Soul (2018)
Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers
Director: Biff Butler
Mastodon 'Clandestiny' music video Clandestiny (2018)
Director: BlinkMyBrain
Mastodon 'Steambreather' music video Steambreather (2017)
Directors: Essy May, Stevie Gee
Production Company: Blink Art
Mastodon 'Show Yourself' music video Show Yourself (2017)
Director: Roboshobo
Production Company: The Uprising Creative
Michael Bublé 'I Believe In You' music video I Believe In You (2017)
Michael Bublé
Director: Derek Hough
Production Company: Riveting Entertainment
Disturbed 'The Sound of Silence' music video The Sound of Silence (2015)
Director: Matt Mahurin
Mastodon 'High Road' music video High Road (2014)
Director: Roboshobo
Production Company: Doomsday Entertainment
My Chemical Romance 'Fake Your Death' music video Fake Your Death (2014)
My Chemical Romance
Director: Thomas Kirk
Deftones 'Swerve City' music video Swerve City (2013)
Director: Gus Black
Cavo 'Crash' music video Crash (2009)
Director: Chris Marrs Piliero
Production Companies: Marrs Ent., Symphony 19
Linkin Park 'New Divide' music video New Divide (2009)
Linkin Park
Director: Joe Hahn
Production Company: cYclops
The Used 'Paralyzed' music video Paralyzed (2007)
The Used
Director: Zero Friends
My Chemical Romance 'Blood' music video Blood (2006)
My Chemical Romance
Director: Marc Webb
Disturbed 'Liberate' music video Liberate (2005)
Director: Nathan Cox
Brad Caleb Kane 'Go Mad' music video Go Mad (2005)
Brad Caleb Kane
Production Company: Revolver Films
Director: Lisa Mann
Eisley 'Telescope Eyes' music video Telescope Eyes (2005)
Director: AV Club
Production Company: The Directors Bureau
The Used 'The Taste of Ink' music video The Taste of Ink (2002)
The Used
Production Company: Black Dog Films
Director: The Malloys
The Used 'A Box Full of Sharp Objects' music video A Box Full of Sharp Objects (2002)
The Used
Director: John Feldmann
Filter 'Where Do We Go from Here?' music video Where Do We Go from Here? (2002)
Directors: Alexander Kosta, Richard Patrick
8STOPS7 'Satisfied' music video Satisfied (2000)
Director: Nathan Cox
Filter 'The Best Things' music video The Best Things (2000)
Directors: Peter Christopherson, Richard Patrick
Filter 'Take a Picture' music video Take a Picture (1999)
Director: Dave Meyers
Filter 'Welcome to the Fold' music video Welcome to the Fold (1999)
Director: Peter Christopherson
Stuck in Here (1996)
Director: John Cook
Production Company: No-Fi Pictures
Filter 'Hey Man, Nice Shot' music video Hey Man, Nice Shot (1995)
Director: Kevin Kerslake
Filter 'Dose' music video Dose (1995)
Director: Kevin Kerslake
Chris Isaak 'Dark Moon' music video Dark Moon (1994)
Chris Isaak
Director: Nicola Pecorini
Chris Isaak 'Can't Do a Thing (to Stop Me)' music video Can't Do a Thing (to Stop Me) (1993)
Chris Isaak
Director: Chris Isaak
Babes In Toyland 'Bruise Violet' music video Bruise Violet (1992)
Babes In Toyland
Director: Gretchen Bender
My Chemical Romance 'I'm Not Okay (I Promise)' music video I'm Not Okay (I Promise)
My Chemical Romance
Director: Greg Kaplan

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