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Florrie 'Real Love' music video Real Love (2016) Artist
Florrie 'Too Young To Remember' music video Too Young To Remember (2015) Artist
Florrie 'Little White Lies' music video Little White Lies (2014) Artist
Florrie 'Wanna Control Myself' music video Wanna Control Myself (2014) Artist
Florrie 'Free Falling' music video Free Falling (2014) Artist
Florrie 'Seashells' music video Seashells (2014) Artist
Florrie 'Live a Little' music video Live a Little (2013) Artist
Florrie 'Shot You Down' music video Shot You Down (2012) Artist
Florrie 'Make Your Own Rhythm' music video Make Your Own Rhythm (2012) Artist
Florrie 'I Took a Little Something' music video I Took a Little Something (2011) Artist
Florrie 'Experimenting with Rugs' music video Experimenting with Rugs (2011) Artist
Florrie 'Begging Me' music video Begging Me (2011) Artist
Florrie 'Sunday Girl' music video Sunday Girl (2010) Artist

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