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Homeboy Sandman 'Stress' music video Stress (2021) Director: Musashi Xero
Homeboy Sandman 'Clarity' music video Clarity (2017) Director: Paul Stevenson
Production Company: Visual Hybrid
Homeboy Sandman 'Life Support' music video Life Support (2016) Director: Pace Rivers
Homeboy Sandman 'America The Beautiful' music video America The Beautiful (2015) Director: Kiki Humanmonochrome
Homeboy Sandman 'Refugee' music video Refugee (2014) Director: Jeff Broadway
Homeboy Sandman 'Problems' music video Problems (2014) Director: Adam Tyree
Homeboy Sandman 'Bad Meaning Good' music video Bad Meaning Good (2014) Director: Pacool
Production Company: Chancleta Films
Homeboy Sandman 'King Kong Got Nothing On Me' music video King Kong Got Nothing On Me (2013) Production Company: Chancleta Films
Director: Pacool
Homeboy Sandman 'Sputnik' music video Sputnik (2012) Director: Joseph R. Neigh IV
Homeboy Sandman 'Couple Bars' music video Couple Bars (2012) Director: Pacool
Production Company: Chancleta Films
Homeboy Sandman 'The Carpenter' music video The Carpenter (2010) Director: Brad Hasse
Production Company: Bradonio Productions

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