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Zayn Malik 'Flames' music video Flames (2020)
Zayn Malik
Directors: Frank Borin, Ivanna Borin
Production Company: UnderWonder Content
Note: @ Company3 NYC
Tender 'Violence' music video Violence (2016)
Director: Jack A. Bowden
Production Company: Nonsense & Co.
Connie Constance 'Lose My Mind' music video Lose My Mind (2016)
Connie Constance
Director: Ali Kurr
Production Company: Friend
Lisa Hannigan 'Fall' music video Fall (2016)
Lisa Hannigan
Director: Harvey Pearson
Production Company: Greatcoat Films
Denim 'Denim' music video Denim (2016)
Director: Matthew Hammett Knott
Production Company: Try Hard Films
Phonat 'Fire' music video Fire (2015)
Director: Henry Scholfield
Note: Cheat
The Brian Jonestown Massacre 'Pish' music video Pish (2015)
The Brian Jonestown Massacre
Director: Browzan
Saul Williams 'Burundi' music video Burundi (2015)
Saul Williams
Director: Kivu Ruhorahoza
The Incredible Magpie Band 'This Chose Me' music video This Chose Me (2014)
The Incredible Magpie Band
Director: Matt Mitchell
Benin City 'Bus' music video Bus (2014)
Benin City
Director: Andrea Youth
Production Company: Pretty Pictures London
Ella on The Run 'Golden Boys' music video Golden Boys (2014)
Ella on The Run
Director: Rafe Gibbons
Production Companies: Tribe Films, Haus Pictures
The Tiger Rose 'Don't Click' music video Don't Click (2014)
The Tiger Rose
Director: Ivy Jelisavac

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as Colourist (1)

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