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Kool A.D. 'Up Down Freestyle' music video Up Down Freestyle (2016) Director: R. Massey
Kool A.D. '2 Much' music video 2 Much (2016) Director: R. Massey
Kool A.D. 'O.K' music video O.K (2015)
Kool A.D. 'Hickory' music video Hickory (2015) Director: Youth Experimental Studio
Kool A.D. 'Life & Time' music video Life & Time (2015)
Kool A.D. 'Special Forces' music video Special Forces (2014)
Kool A.D. 'Look / Jose Canseco' music video Look / Jose Canseco (2014) Directors: Slack Barrett, Dug Pirhana
Kool A.D. 'The Front' music video The Front (2014) Director: CoolReve
Kool A.D. 'Word O.K.' music video Word O.K. (2014) Director: Nick Knight
Kool A.D. 'Word' music video Word (2014) Directors: Kool A.D., Teddy O'Connor
Kool A.D. 'I'm On A Plane' music video I'm On A Plane (2014) Director: CoolReve
Kool A.D. 'Open Letter' music video Open Letter (2014)
Kool A.D. 'Jaleel White' music video Jaleel White (2013) Director: Weird Days
Kool A.D. 'Eroika' music video Eroika (2013)
Kool A.D. 'Manny Pacquiao' music video Manny Pacquiao (2012)

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