Kylie Minogue

Individual Musical Artist    Melbourne, Australia 

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Kylie Minogue 'Golden' music video Golden (2018) Director: Sophie Muller
Kylie Minogue 'Stop Me from Falling' music video Stop Me from Falling (2018) Director: Sophie Muller
NERVO 'The Other Boys' music video The Other Boys (2015)
Director: Hannu Aukia
BBC Music 'God Only Knows' music video God Only Knows (2014)
BBC Music
Director: Jonas & Francois
Kylie Minogue 'Crystallize' music video Crystallize (2014)
Kylie Minogue 'Into The Blue' music video Into The Blue (2014) Director: Dawn Shadforth
Laura Pausini 'Limpido' music video Limpido (2013)
Laura Pausini
Director: Gaetano Morbioli
Kylie Minogue 'Flower' music video Flower (2012) Director: Kylie Minogue
Kylie Minogue 'Timebomb' music video Timebomb (2012) Director: Christian Larson
Production Company: Black Dog Films
Kylie Minogue 'Better Than Today' music video Better Than Today (2010) Directors: Kylie Minogue, William Baker
Production Company: Blink TV
Kylie Minogue 'Get Outta My Way' music video Get Outta My Way (2010) Director: AlexandLiane
Production Company: Oil Factory Inc.
Kylie Minogue 'All the Lovers' music video All the Lovers (2010) Director: Joseph Kahn
Production Company: HSI Productions
Taio Cruz 'Higher' music video Higher (2010)
Taio Cruz
Director: Alex Herron
Helping Haiti 'Everybody Hurts' music video Everybody Hurts (2010)
Helping Haiti
Director: Joseph Kahn
Kylie Minogue 'The One' music video The One (2008) Director: Ben Ib
Production Company: Blink TV
Kylie Minogue 'All I See' music video All I See (2008) Director: William Baker
Kylie Minogue 'Wow' music video Wow (2008) Director: Melina Matsoukas
Production Company: Black Dog Films
Kylie Minogue 'In My Arms' music video In My Arms (2008) Director: Melina Matsoukas
Kylie Minogue '2 Hearts' music video 2 Hearts (2007) Director: Dawn Shadforth
Production Company: RSA Films
Kylie Minogue 'I Believe In You' music video I Believe In You (2004) Director: Vernie Yeung
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