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Baustelle 'Contro il mondo' music video Contro il mondo (2023)
Director: Marco Cella
Production Company: D'Aria
Louis Tomlinson 'Silver Tongues' music video Silver Tongues (2022)
Louis Tomlinson
Backstreet Boys 'Last Christmas' music video Last Christmas (2022)
Backstreet Boys
Director: Bill Fishman
Production Company: Fallout Entertainment
Puscifer 'Man Overboard' music video Man Overboard (2022)
Polyphia 'Ego Death' music video Ego Death (2022)
Director: Caleb Young
Production Company: Hand Crank Films
Nickelback 'San Quentin' music video San Quentin (2022)
Pixies 'Vault of Heaven' music video Vault of Heaven (2022)
Director: Charles Derenne
Polyphia 'Neurotica' music video Neurotica (2022)
Director: Jake Woodbridge
Lindsey Stirling 'Love Goes On and On' music video Love Goes On and On (2022)
Lindsey Stirling
Directors: Stephen Wayne Mallett, Lindsey Stirling
Production Company: Green Glow
Francesco Gabbani 'Peace & Love' music video Peace & Love (2022)
Francesco Gabbani
Director: Fabrizio Conte
Chanel 'SloMo' music video SloMo (2022)
Director: Pawla Casanovas
Ditonellapiaga 'Chimica' music video Chimica (2022)
Director: Riccardo Salvi
Alt-J 'Hard Drive Gold' music video Hard Drive Gold (2022)
Directors: Joe Newman, Darcy Wallace
Production Company: Biscuit Filmworks
Kylie Minogue 'Kiss of Life' music video Kiss of Life (2021)
Kylie Minogue
Director: Sophie Muller
Kylie Minogue 'A Second to Midnight' music video A Second to Midnight (2021)
Kylie Minogue
Director: Sophie Muller
Alt-J 'U&ME' music video U&ME (2021)
Director: Prosper Unger-Hamilton
Production Company: Mr. Mr. Films
Evanescence 'Better Without You' music video Better Without You (2021)
Director: Eric D. Howell
Production Company: Picture Factory, Inc.
James Newman 'Embers' music video Embers (2021)
James Newman
Ornella Vanoni 'Un sorriso dentro al pianto' music video Un sorriso dentro al pianto (2021)
Ornella Vanoni
Director: Marta Bevacqua
Evanescence 'Use My Voice' music video Use My Voice (2020)
Director: Eric D. Howell
Production Company: Picture Factory, Inc.
Kylie Minogue 'Say Something' music video Say Something (2020)
Kylie Minogue
Director: Sophie Muller
Production Company: Prettybird
Evanescence 'The Game Is Over' music video The Game Is Over (2020)
Director: P.R. Brown
Avril Lavigne 'We Are Warriors' music video We Are Warriors (2020)
Avril Lavigne
Production Company: Convicts
Evanescence 'Wasted On You' music video Wasted On You (2020)
Director: P.R. Brown
Lindsey Stirling 'Sleepwalking' music video Sleepwalking (2020)
Lindsey Stirling
Directors: Lindsey Stirling, Graham Fielder
Róisín Murphy 'Narcissus' music video Narcissus (2019)
Róisín Murphy
Director: Róisín Murphy
Avril Lavigne 'I Fell in Love with the Devil' music video I Fell in Love with the Devil (2019)
Avril Lavigne
Director: Elliott Lester
Production Company: Chromista
Kylie Minogue 'New York City' music video New York City (2019)
Kylie Minogue
Avril Lavigne 'Head Above Water' music video Head Above Water (2018)
Avril Lavigne
Director: Elliott Lester
Production Company: Chromista
Hercules & Love Affair 'Are You Still Certain' music video Are You Still Certain (2018)
Hercules & Love Affair
Directors: Joie Iacono, Andy Butler
Co-Director: Robert Fox
Evanescence 'Hi-Lo' music video Hi-Lo (2018)
Director: P.R. Brown
Production Company: Bau-da Design Lab
Josh Krajcik 'Back Where We Belong' music video Back Where We Belong (2013)
Josh Krajcik
Director: K. Asher Levin
Luca Carboni 'Colori' music video Colori (1998)
Luca Carboni
Director: Markus Stummer
Production Company: Terminal Italia

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